These Days!

Good Monday Morning!

Today’s post is going to be a little of what’s been going on these past few months. Not a whole lot of words, but pictures galore!

First up….My girl went to Cheer Camp. She was a tad bit nervous with this being her first real time away from home where she wasn’t going to stay with family.

My baby brother and his family came to visit, and I got to meet this cutie for the first time!

I remember when these guys were as little as those sweet babies! Now they are all grown up with families of their own.

We also celebrated a GRAND milestone over here! This guy…..

GRADUATED! Praise God!

We celebrated Family, Graduations, Birthdays, and so much more.

That’s just a little bit of what’s been going, “These days”. I’ll be back later this week with big announcement, so come on back!

Blessings to you all,


“Don’t just talk about it, BE about it!”

Bible Study

Good Monday Morning!

This past weekend, I was blessed to be able to spend time away with my husband and ALL of my children. It was great to be together, but there were also some difficult times. Just because we were on a “vacation” of sorts, doesn’t mean everything will go smoothly. Sibling spats still happen, a bit of fussing & bickering still go on, & unfortunately, parenting still has to be done. Now, I’m sure, you all know exactly what I mean, and I know some of you are nodding in agreement right now.

Social media has us believing that people are out there, living their best lives without a care in the world, and some maybe are, and that’s great, but let’s be real, Mamas…. it be hard out there sometimes.

Out there….Alone!

I say all that to say, sometimes, we need a bit of guidance from The Good Book! The BIBLE! Remember that song you sang in VBS? ” B I B L E, Yes! That’s the book for me!” I remember myself so vividly, sitting in the front pew at Hood Street Church, getting ready to go upfront and sing with my class, “Father Abraham, had many sons, and many sons had Faaaather Abraham….” Oh, the good ole carefree days! 😆

Ok, so now I’m “squirrel’ing” (done got distracted by nostalgia)

I had been wanting and seeking a way of submerging myself in His word, and wanted to have some girlfriends of mine join me, so I started a virtual Bible study in order to do just that. A group of ladies that could help hold each other accountable for digging deeper in order to grow closer to Him. Give yourself the opportunity to have that quiet time in the word daily with everything already laid out for you. Do you want to join us? Do you need that PUSH, that JUMPSTART to get you going? I’d love to have you, and who knows, if you’re local, there may be opportunities to meet up in person from time to time. There’s always a reason to eat or have coffee, right?

If you are in fact interested, leave me a comment below, or reach out to me via Facebook or Instagram. Be Blessed, and remember what I always say, “Don’t just talk about it, Be about it!”

Cuteness Overload

Good Morning! I pray you all have had a great weekend, and if you had President’s Day off, I hope you got some much needed rest in. I know I did!

Today’s post is super sweet, because I get to share my brand new baby nephew with you all. My sweet SIL sent me the newborn photo shoot photos……and BE STILL MY ❤️! To my little blog family, I introduce to you, Stanley “Lee” David!

Is he not the most precious little nugget? He is the first born of my “Baby” brother, who lives in NC. I can’t wait to get to hold and snuggle him. My mom was fortunate/able to get to go out and spend a couple of weeks when he was first born, (#grandmalife) but Auntie has, ya know, a pesky job and a whole bunch of folks in her house to see to, so I have to wait a little while. 😆

Ya’ll! Look at that caption! My SIL texted me, “He said he loves you already.” Awww! Auntie will see you soon, Sweetie Pie!

Until next time…

Blessings, Kellie

It’s Friday!

Its Friday, Yall! I don’t know about you, but this weekend is calling my name! After last week’s Winter Blast, and this entire week being beautiful, I am ready to do some outside hangin’!

This sign I saw online really tickled me! #typicaltexas

Am I right???

One of the things that’s got me excited about the weekend is the Superbowl & the Halftime show. I mean, Dr. Dre, Snoop, Eminem, MJB? I am a huge football fan, but an even bigger fan of nostalgia. I know they are about to “Bring It” on Sunday!


My Four-Legged Chirren Chronicles: So, as you can see, Nugget is not all to pleased with her brother invading her space. (That is her side of the Crib) I guess Boogie forgot to ask for permission to cuddle. All he knows is it was cold outside. #snugglewather

Not allowed in the kitchen, so the camp out spot is at the VERY edge. #always begging #pretendstobesenile

Sweet Little Buttercup. Have you ever been in the company of a guinea pig? I NEVER thought I would be, because 1. Eeewww, and 2. They are rat-like, but I must admit, Buttercup is pretty sweet. Kori takes great care of her, and they seem to have quite the little bond. When she talks to her, I swear she is talking back!

Well folks, that was a bit random, but it’s all I’ve got for this Friday. Until next time.

Be Blessed,


Teacups TOOK Grapevine!

Hey! Hey!

Today’s post is all about my girls, the Teacup Ladies! We are a women’s group that started out as a Women’s Ministry at church many years ago, and has blossomed into friendships that’ll last a lifetime! There are some that have a little deeper connection than others, and some are related to each other, but all in all, we ALL come together with a Sister’s in Christ bond like no other!

We try to get together every couple of months or so, and it’s typically whoever can join, because we have a full understanding that not everyone can make it to everything. With living all over the DFW Metroplex, we like to venture to different areas around town, and this time, we chose an overnight hotel stay in Grapevine, TX. We did a little shopping, a bit of eating, and a whole BUNCH of hangin’! Quality time…

Jenga got REAL!

As you can see, we had a ball together. We tried some new things, had a few thrift store adventures, (“SAAAANDYYYYYY”) and all around enjoyed each other’s company. Next up…..Murder Mystery Theater!

Until next time, Teacups!


Monday Musings

Good Monday Morning, Friends! It’s already about to be February! Can you believe it? 2022 is just trucking on along.

I’m back to share a little “Goings Ons” with you all. Nothing particularly exciting, but hey, this is my life. I ain’t mad at a low-key existence.

Last weekend, me and my girl Yo got together for a little brunch and thrifting. It’s been quite a while since we’ve been able to sync up our schedules to make What We Do work! Yolanda was actually the one that got me hooked on the “Cheap Treasure Hunt”, as I call it. You can find some great things in a thrift store. She looked up a new one for us to try, and they had what they called, The Boutique” section, LOL. This was their area that had new with tags items. We right away recognized them as JCP overstock. And yes, before you even ask, I scored me and my daughters a couple of A.N.A. sweaters at $3 each!

This past weekend, me and my “little” girls went out for breakfast and a little shopping. I snapped these pictures while they were talking over the menu…

The picture with the 2 of them tickles me. Drew is always giving Kori a side eye. Like she’s the big sister and knows more. She is a Hot Mess! (Kori is wearing one of the “Boutique” sweaters, btw. 😆)

Just one last piece of randomness…My sweet husband, who has never been a tea drinker, has started a little tradition of us all drinking a cup of hot tea in the evening after dinner. Who’d of thunk, that this big hunk of a man would take to drinking Vanilla Chai or Chamomile tea in the evenings with his family. He is a sucker for making new traditions, and that man loves us BIG! Thank God for him!

Thats all I’ve got for this version of Monday Musings, but will be back on Thursday with another installment of Be About It Thursdays! Until next time…

Blessings, Kellie

Be About It Thursday

Good Thursday Morning, Good People!

Today is Thursday, and we’re almost to the weekend, so I thought that for my Weekend Warriors, I would share an organizational project/idea with you all. This is something I plan to do every week, so be ready. You’ll have this evening and Friday to prep, then bust it out on Saturday or Sunday. Well, let’s say Saturday, because Sunday is FOOTBALL!!! Sound like a plan? Let’s go!

This was one of my simplest, yet most popular projects to date. I purchased some command hooks and bins from the Dollar Tree (Now Dollar Twenty-five Tree 😆) and started condensing and throwing out/giving away old or unused items. It took me less than 30 minutes and $10. That’s it. Sweet & Simple!

One of my absolute favorite things to have happen, is when I inspire a clean out. I had a client send me the above pictures documenting her pantry purge. From her emptying eveything out so she could start from scratch, to her actual shopping trip for supplies. She texted me with questions along the way, and was excited to report that she was able to clear out all expired nonsense, and condense some items that were taking up space. #Getitgirl

Do you have any areas you need to tackle, and just need a little guidance from an Organizing Professional like myself? Please feel free to reach out to me. We can chat for a few minutes, or you can book me for one hour increments. This is something that I am truly passionate about, and I would love to help you love your space again.

Until next time!

Don’t just talk about it…BE About It!



Monday Musings

Good Afternoon, Friends!

It has been an eventful few months, and I know I have been M.I.A., but I’m back to share, what I’m hoping to be, a weekly installment of “Monday Musings”.

A little bit of what we’re doing, things that have happened,  and upcoming adventures we will take. So buckle in, because here we go…

Back in November,  my Sister-in-Law and I embarked on a Hogwarts Adventure in Orlando, FL.

The world of Harry Potter is one that activates my nerdy side, and is always fun to delve into. So when Natasha told me about a group that she follows on IG that has a package you can purchase for after hours access, I said, “Let’s do it!”

Here’s where we stayed. Very nice accommodations…

Our hotel was great, and had everything we  needed. They even provided busses for us to get to and from the park. That alone was great, because parking at the parks is usually $40+.

Our food and drink were unlimited, and ride lines were short. There was even one time when we were the only two people to ride one of the rides!

Our passes were for 2 nights, so we got to enjoy every bit of both sides of Universal Studios.

It was definitely a weekend to remember….especially for a Potter Fan!

Until next time, Friends!


Be About It Organizing in Full Effect

Good Morning, Friends! I’ve been gone for quite some time, but I am here today to talk about something that I am quite passionate about….Organizing!

I am a part of an organizing group on Facebook, and as I was perusing the posts and comments, I became a bit sad and a little heartbroken. I never knew or even thought that so many people out there have a true struggle when it comes to handling clutter.

I’ve said this many, many, times before. Your absolute first step is to PURGE, PURGE, PURGE! Get rid of anything that is no longer of use to you. It could be donated, repurposed/relocated, or simply just thrown away. Get it out of your house, in your trunk, and to the donation location of your choice. I make it a point at least once every 3 months to go through my own stuff, as well as have my people go through theirs. Some times, they need a little bit of an extra “push” to get it done, but there is always going to be something lying around that is totally unnecessary. (SIDE NOTE: Do not be afraid to enlist your household mates to help with this. I am sure you didn’t get here on your own) I know it is hard for some to just let things go, but there comes a time when you just need to free yourself of not only the physical clutter, but also the mental clutter as well.

Here is a client of mine that has a super busy schedule and just wanted to be able to come home and relax after a long day. She struggled with unopened mail, packages that were left looked through and discarded, laundry that got out of control, and once she had finally had enough, she reached out to me for help, and we knocked it out. Of course there was homework for them to do in order to help keep this maintained. I check in from time to time, and at last check, all is well.

I am here to encourage you today to be like Nike and JUST DO IT! You will be so glad that you did. It will be freeing. I promise you. You can choose to do it little by little, or you may choose to go all in, and get ‘er done! I’m rooting for you Sis/Bro!

Please feel free to leave any questions in the comments section. I would also love the opportunity to chat with you, so if you so desire, reach out and we could schedule a consult.

Blessings to you ALL!


Don’t just talk about it, BE about it!

Hello Friday…

It’s finally Friday! I don’t know about any of y’all, but this week has seemed something like 3 months to me. I am very much looking forward to this weekend…with NO PLANS!

The other night, as planned, I had dinner with my friend Yolanda to discuss our study, “It’s All Under Control”. I believe I shared before, that I struggled to write my “issues” down on paper, but it really felt good to face some of these things head on, and then have someone to discuss them with. It also didn’t hurt to discuss them over Mexican food & margaritas.

On another note… With the new year kicked off, and a lot of us still spending a lot of time at home, have you been thinking about getting your home organized? Purging your closet? Cleaning your garage? If that is the case, Be About It Organizing is here for you. 15 minute phone consultations are free. We talk about it, set up a plan, & if you need me to assist, we can do that too! Please do not hesitate to reach out to me via Comments, or on Facebook.

Have a GREAT weekend, and I’ll see yo back here next week~