This Texas Weather….

Happy Tuesday, All!

When I saw this meme, I thought, “Yup! This about sums it up!”

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Fall is my favorite season of the year, but it also turns out to be the shortest…considering that I live in good ole’ Texas! What gets me seriously excited is the clothing possibilities. But sadly, by the end of the day, I feel as though I’ve made a horrible mistake in my outfit choice, because I am sweating by lunch time! #heatoninthemorningacintheafternoon

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Another Fall favorite of mine, is watching my Favorite Dude out on the field! I remember when this boy of mine was just a tiny little thing. It’s so hard to believe that he will be 16 next week! He’s is getting on up there, and I am staying still. (Forever 35 ;0))


What are some of your favorite things about Fall? Football? Cozy Clothing? Fire Pits & S’mores? I am sure there are a lot of you out there that are going to say something about Pumpkin Spiced Latte, or ALL things spiced….LOL! I catch a lot of flack for not being a fan, but it’s all good. You do you!

I would love to hear from you.

Until next time, Friends…



1 John 3:1 1 See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him.

Amazon Priming….

Hey, Ya’ll!

Who out there agrees that Amazon Prime is AH-Mazing? I mean, you just put in what you are looking for in the search bar, and you will have it like… tomorrow! What I truly love about all of this, is that in a now Push Button Society, when you literally do not have to leave your house for anything, Amazon gives me the ability to find whatever I am looking for without having to store hop to find some very particular items. It has got me SO rotten. Just in case you may just want to know, here are a few things that I have been Prime-ing lately.

URPOWER 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser Cool Mist Humidifier

My 2 guys have always struggled with sinus issues, and about 6 months ago, I decided to see what I could do to help them. I purchased one for Damon, and it really seemed to help, so, when Donovan got kicked up a little bit ago, I decided to get him one as well.

Hicarer 2 Pieces Hanging Jewelry Organizer Jewelry Hanging Bag Dress Shape Jewelry Organizer Bag for Earrings Necklaces Bracelets Hanging, 30 Pockets and 14 Hooks

Hicarer 2 Pieces Hanging Jewelry Organizer Jewelry

I had one of these from quite a little while back, that alas, kicked the bucket on me. (Plastic wore out) I went on a search, and found a twofer that I couldn’t pass up. Especially since I have a little diva that loves her some jewelry, to share with.

Little Muggle New Born Infant Boy Girl Milestone Photo Blanket Daily Monthly Yearly Photo Shoot Backdrop Props

Little Muggle Newborn Infant Boy Milestone Photo Blanket

This… is…. the…. CUTE-EST thing! As some of you may know, I have a little nephew due around New Years, and his Mama is a serious Potter head. I Primed this to her for one of her birthday gifts. #auntieiswaitingforherlittlemuggle

TIOSEBON Women's Walking Shoes Lightweight Breathable Yoga Travel Sneakers 11 US Navy

TIOSEBON Women’s Lightweight Walking Shoes

The last thing that I want to share are my super comfortable mesh sneaks. I have seen these many times shared by a couple of bloggers that I follow, and I am very pleased with my purchase. They have tons of colors, and I am seriously thinking of getting another pair.

Well, that is all for now. I’m sure I’ll will be back with more posts like these, as Amazon is a daily visit for me.



Just Call Me…The Bargain Slayer!

Hey, Ya’ll! Do I… have a post for ya! Back when I was just merely thinking about blogging, my friend Yolanda advised that I post about my amazing bargain finds. So, as I was removing tags from the new outfit that I was about to put on the other day, I thought of this conversation. For all of you that know me, you know how much I love to brag on purchases. Not in a boojwah type of way or anything, but to say how LITTLE I spent. My mom and Kamren always get a kick out of that. “Ooohhh, Kellie! I like that top!” “Girl, I got this for like $3!” Pure adrenaline for me…

I follow a few blogs, and there are a couple of them that post fashion. They are usually shopping at high end stores, and while I usually like what outfits they put together, a lot of the items are pretty expensive. I am not knocking them by any means, because “Hey! You do you, Boo!”, but I just don’t see myself spending those kind of dollars. Sometimes, there’ll be a post with Amazon or Walmart that they deem as affordable, but even then, there are sometimes things that I still steer clear of. So, I have taken to seeking out a less expensive version of these aforementioned outfits…hence the $7 sweater listed below.


With all of that being said, my total & complete outfit…..wait… fooor it…….


$7 Sweater, $9 Jeans, $5 Earrings, $19 Shoeties. I was cute too, Ya’ll!


Boy, do I love a steal like that! Do you have a store that is your go to? Is anyone having a sale that I need to get to? What was the last great bargain that you scored? Please share.

P.S. I am also THERE FOR all the things online!

Happy Bargaining, & Be Blessed!


What Made Me Happy….Last Week

Good Monday morning, Friends! Time got away from me last week, so I didn’t get a chance to share my “Happy” from the last week.

Like I had before mentioned, it was my Mother’s 60th birthday, and me, Damon & my 2 brothers wanted to celebrate her in a grand way. Colby, the middle of the 3 of us, had the idea for us to all take her to Broken Bow, OK for the weekend, and all in agreement, we decided to rent a huge cabin big enough to fit all 3 families, and she absolutely LOVED it! My mother is a very easy to please, anyway, but when you add in her very favorite people, it is pure bliss for her!


The Birthday Girl!
(Look at that cutie in the background)

I called her and told her to be packed and ready by 12 pm. Stamon, my youngest brother lives in Houston, so we don’t get to see him very often. He volunteered to be the one to pick her up on his way through, which was great, because she would definitely not expect to see him. At this point, she didn’t even know that anyone past my household was involved.

I called her, after I knew they were on the road and asked her how she liked her surprise chauffeur. She yelled out, “I LOVE HIM!” (See. I told you she is over the moon about us!)

Fishing right outside our back door.
Her Grown People

We all made sure that she never had to lift a finger. She ate good, got to chill a couple of times in the jacuzzi, and got to catch up on her Designated Survivor, all while in her own private little suite. She was in Relaxation Heaven. #welldeserved

Complete Chill Mode!

While in Broken Bow, there is not a whole lot to do but relax, and I ain’t mad at that.

My Mama had a great time celebrating her 60th birthday with all of her offspring. (Well, almost all. We missed you Kamren)

I am so thankful to this woman who birthed and raised me, and blessed knowing that my children have her for a Grandma.

Great Reads….

Good Morning, Friends! I pray everyone is well on this beautiful Tuesday morning.

I wanted to share with you all, a book that I have discovered and read, that was phenomenal! It all started with this particular podcast episode of The Nod-Isn’t it Romantic . Not long after listening to this, I happened to be reading a book review from one of my favorite bloggers, and 2 of the 3 books were on her “Must Read” list. I took this as a sign to get on this train. So far, I believe there are 3 books in the series, with a 4th coming soon.

The first installment is “The Wedding Date”. This is the one that I completed, and it was really hard to put down. There were a couple of “later than I should have been up” nights on this one. SO GOOD! Here is a brief description:

Agreeing to go to a wedding with a guy she gets stuck with in an elevator is something Alexa Monroe wouldn’t normally do. But there’s something about Drew Nichols that’s too hard to resist.On the eve of his ex’s wedding festivities, Drew is minus a plus one. Until a power outage strands him with the perfect candidate for a fake girlfriend…

After Alexa and Drew have more fun than they ever thought possible, Drew has to fly back to Los Angeles and his job as a pediatric surgeon, and Alexa heads home to Berkeley, where she’s the mayor’s chief of staff. Too bad they can’t stop thinking about the other… 

They’re just two high-powered professionals on a collision course toward the long distance dating disaster of the century–or closing the gap between what they think they need and what they truly want…

I have just begun The Proposal, and it has already got me enthralled. I really enjoy the authors writing style. They are romance chick lit novels that have sweet, not raunchy encounters. You are forced to use your imagination as she describes the “happenings” between the characters. Once I get through the 3rd, I plan to do a review of them all. If you are looking for something good to read, check these titles out. I do not think you will be the least bit disappointed.

Do you have any suggestions on titles that you enjoy? I am always looking for a good read to add to my little collection.

Be Blessed,


The Minimalist….

Hey there, Friends!

I have been on a rampage the last few weeks, simply due to the fact that I LOATHE CLUTTER! I believe that I have been pretty transparent in my feelings about all of the unnecessary STUFF with you all, so I’ve been busy running Operation Declutter around the White House. Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by just…STUFF? Well, if this at all sounds like something you struggle with, I am here to help. Below are a few tips to help get you out of your rut.


1. Do not let paper pile up. Take a few minutes every other day or so to just weed through things like mail, kid’s school paperwork, etc. Once you’ve looked it over, decide whether to file it away, shred it, sign it, or trash it, then just do it!

Image result for memes clean up organization

2. Everything has a place. It just makes it that much easier when you know where to find things.

3. Have a designated location for donation items. Periodically, we will all go through and purge from our closets. Everyone in the house, all the way down to the 6 year old, knows where to put the items we are donating…..the bin in the garage.

Related image

I’ll be back later this week for a few more tidbits. Please don’t hesitate to reach out should you have any questions. Remember, don’t just talk about it….BE about it!



What’s Been Making Me Happy This Week….

Good Friday Morning, Friends! I’m BACK! It has been waaay busy over at the White House, but I am making a vow to myself to not be gone so long….ever again. This little blog is sort of therapeutic for me, and since I don’t have a huge social media presence, but I do like to document some things Story Style, “Be About It” was born. So here we go with….What’s Been Making Me Happy This Week…

#1. These Sweet Potato & Brown Sugar Sun Chips! Now, I know it sounds real FAT of me to be talking about snacks for a happiness enhancer, but these chips are what’s up! #getchasum

#2. Small Victories

I don’t want to jinx anything, but this little nugget has been working on making better choices and as of yesterday, we have had a really good week. Pray for me, Friends. #fingerscrossed

#3. This Guy!

God has truly blessed me with this man. As I have mentioned in posts past, I am one of the fortunate to still have a Full Set, as I call them, of Grandparents. (91 & 87 years young) We were visiting them last week, and came to find out that they needed some help in a few areas of their house. Before I could even blink, Damon was devising a plan to get them straightened out. He never hesitates to help those in need, especially family. That is the main reason that I love him the way I do. Not to mention that he is pretty cute! I mean come on…look at him!

#4. My Robin!

This weekend, we are getting ready to turn up and celebrate birthday #60 for the sweetest, bestest Mama/Grandma there is! Let me break down one of the reasons that I love her so. I called her about a month ago and asked her had she made birthday plans. When she told me she hadn’t, I told her to arrange to be gone for that weekend , and what to pack. Do you know what she said? “OK!” Ya’ll, she didn’t even ask me where she was going or what she was doing!!! I could NEVAH!!!! She trusts that whatever is going down, she is in good hands. Last year, I had a 40th birthday party, and both of my brothers got married. When I tell you that my Mama was the life of all 3 parties, it is an understatement. She loves the Lord, Life , and her family. She has always been my biggest cheerleader, even when it wasn’t cheer worthy. Mama, this weekend we celebrate YOU! Happy 60th birthday, Lady!!!



I’ll be back next week with some pictures from the weekend. Be Blessed,