My PERSON, Yolanda & I, celebrating her “Fiddy Fiesta”(Her 50th)

Good Morning, Friends!

A few years back, my good friend Yolanda sent me a book, by mail mind you, that was titled, Nobody’s Cuter Than You, by Melanie Shankle. I looked it over, and tried to figure out what this book could possibly be about by just reading the title. Knowing Yo like I do, I knew there had to be an underlying motive, but was not in the head space to figure it out at the time. Fast forward 2 years later, I pick this book up again, as I was looking for something to read during my lunch hour, and could not put it down. It centers around two ladies, and a few others, who have been great friends since college, and have shared tons of life experiences along the way. As I read, it made me think of the kind of friend that I am, and the kind of friend(s) I would like to have.

“A sweet friendship refreshes the soul.” Proverbs 27:9

I truly believe that we all need people. There are some that are self proclaimed introverts, that are “loners”, but if they are honest with themselves, a good friend would make a world of difference. I know it is not easy for everyone to put themselves out there, but maybe you could be the one to notice that struggle, and reach out. Some people have a gift for that. My 10 year old daughter, Kori is one of them. She is always seeking out the loner, and befriending them. Makes my Mama heart proud!

There are also those that appear to always have it all together, but often times they don’t, and need someone to check in on them from time to time. I know we all get busy with our own lives, and it’s not feasible to talk everyday, but we definitely need to make the time to love on each other. I have been guilty of getting in my feelings when it seems like relationships are one sided. Me doing all of the reaching out. But how do you think Jesus feels? I know that there are tons of “ONE-SIDED relationships that He could speak on, but does He complain? Does He give up on us? NOPE! Hallelujah for that!!!

I have a good group of girlfriends that we are on a group text together and we share praise reports, prayer requests, & and literal LOLs throughout the day. I also have a group text going with a gang of my first cousins that is constantly a hoot! Never a dull moment with the Holder Clan. We may not always have the ability to get together, but we reach out when we need that QT. A called to action, if you will.

Reach Out. You never know who needs to hear from you….

“It was the beginning of learning that I can’t look to any one person to be my security blanket, and that my value goes deeper than one person’s opinion of me. I learned that friendships are fragile and we need to handle them with respect and reverence.” 
― Melanie Shankle, Nobody’s Cuter Than You: A Memoir about the Beauty of Friendship

My sweet friend Ren & I at her Baby Sprinkle
My Shiny New Sister in Law & I
My Girl Waniesha & I at my 40th Birthday Bash
We go back like 4 flats on a Cadillac!

“Some roads we travel in life can feel like the ones that might break us, but that’s why God surrounds us with people who will cheer us on and wipe our tears and listen as we pour out our hearts. Because often, it’s not what you say but what you do that really matters.” 
― Melanie Shankle

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