In April 2017, I was able to experience one of my life long dreams with my Way Back Bestie, and travel to New York City! Marcella is always down for an adventure, so I knew she would be the one to call! We spent 4 glorious days on the ultimate Girlfriends’ trip.


In my best Alicia Keys voice, “Now you’re in New Yooooooooork! These streets will make you feel brand new, Big lights will inspire you.
Hear it for New York, New York, New York!

We had a ball being the stereotypical tourists. We stayed in Manhattan, right around the corner from Times Square. It is so lively down there. It’s definitely true what they say about it being the city that never sleeps!
I had us booked to see a taping of The View and Good Morning America. We took a Central Park buggy tour, and of course, had to stop in front of the famous “Friends” fountain. Yes, we totally geeked out. We took a ferry to Staten Island to see the statue of Liberty, and it was freezing on that water. We ate pizza & hot dogs. We walked like a gazillion steps, as per Mar’s fitbit. (That thing should have exploded! LOL)

Being from the South, I can definitely say that New Yorkers are a breed of their own. There was yelling in the streets, fighting down in the Subway terminal, people walking with their heads down and looking at their phones as they cross the street. Mind you, half of them don’t even wait for the cross signal! I was like, “Are you really trying to die today?”

Mar’s recollections:

“The taxi ride to the hotel was scary funny! Didn’t know all the jokes about NY traffic and taxi drivers were so TRUE! We had to hold onto the ohhhs$/@! handles. The hotel staff was wonderfully helpful, and welcomed us with warm cookies everyday. Walking around with Kellie, looking at everything and laughing like tourists. Trying to decide what and where to eat, and getting that $1 slice from the corner pizza spot. It was an amazing trip! From the late night comedy club, to the subway train ride that Kellie didn’t want to get on, then getting on the wrong train and having to ask for directions. That lady with the thick NY accent. She was hilarious! Lol! The boat ride to see the Statue of Liberty, and we ended up getting lost in China Town. We probably lost a few lbs. with all of that walking. Good times! Always an adventure with Kellie in my life. Thank you for living apart of your life with me. Love you!”

A Slice from the $1 Pizza Spot on the corner

Cake Boss, Baby!
They have Kmart in NY
Like a BOSS!

We had a GREAT time in the Big Apple…The City so nice, they named it Twice! We have definitely got to plan us another trip. Hmmmm, where next Mar? Somewhere tropical???

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