Tips & Tricks….

Hello Friends!

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I have often been complimented on how I take care of bidness , and keep things in order. To quote my good friend, Yo, “The way you prioritize and use your time is Bomb, Girl!” So, for those of you that might be struggling or lacking in the business of keeping on top of things, I thought I would provide a few tips on how I do it.

  1. Keep Lists: I don’t care if you carry a notebook in your purse or bag, (I do) use an app on your phone, (I do) or utilize a white or chalkboard. List your To Dos! It makes things way easier to remember.
  2. Plan in Advance: The earlier, the better! I cannot stress this one enough. Especially if your pocketbook is involved. I love that the fact that once something is paid for…far in advance, all I have to do is worry about my spending money.
  3. Prioritize the Days of the Week: I have set days of the week that I do certain chores. It just works better for me, knowing what I WON’T be doing, on say, …Thursday.
  4. Do Not Be Afraid to Assign Chores to your Children: Start em young! My 5 year old has chores just like everyone else. I am not the Head Maid! Everyone has to pull their own weight.
  5. Everything Has a Place: Now, I know you are thinking, “Kellie has O.C.D. ” I absolutely do not, but I do not have time for cluttery foolishness. (Side Note: That is why I do not buy souvenirs and nick knacks.) You see, my children have a room. My children have stuff. My children’s said stuff, belongs in said rooms. End of story.
  6. Tidy Up Every Day: Folks, I am not going to pretend like my house will pass a white glove test, but I will tell you that if you roll up on me unexpectedly, (not an invitation to do so) I will not be embarrassed. I am one of those people who tidys up everyday. I would not be able to rest if my living quarters are out of whack, so I do a run through before bed, and pick up if necessary in the morning. If you go ahead and get at it in small increments, it doesn’t get overwhelming.

I know you think I am a bit cray cray, but this type of thing keeps me sane. I run a household with 5 people, and 2 dogs. It’s wild enough with just the folks, imagine if it was always a mess? I would most likely have to be committed.

I hope that something here will help you, or give you some ideas. Next time, we will be discussing ORGANIZATION! MUAHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

We won’t just be talking about it. We are going to BE ABOUT IT!!!

Be Blessed,


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