Getting it together….

Good Afternoon, Friends!

This past weekend, I have been in THE ZONE! I organized and completed numerous projects. I don’t know about you, but this is where I really shine. It makes me feel so good to get things accomplished. My office was in desperate need of some TLC, since the last few weekends we have been blowing and going. I had just been tossing things in there, and telling myself that I’d be back.

All we had planned this weekend was Kori’s first soccer game of the season, and it started with a bang. #letsgetitstrikers

Strikers with the Win: 3-1

And this is how little sister shows her support….

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

After that great win, it was back to the house and time for me to get back at it. I am planning a getaway for my Teacup Ladies for the weekend, and I needed to tie up some loose ends. I have a couple of awesome friends that I like to turn to and bounce ideas off of, AKA Yolanda & Linda. I chatted with them on my thoughts, and of course, In true Yolanda fashion, she had to check me on the fact that it is OK to ask for help. I really have no problem doing so, but there are times when I figure out that I am making things harder on myself than necessary. So, now we are all straight, and I am ready to go. I even have my bags packed! No needing to do laundry in order to have clothes to wear for this chick!

I am really looking forward to this next weekend, since I get the chance to come together with 15 of the sweetest ladies. What I love about them is that we all come from different backgrounds, and have different stories to tell. Life gets so hectic that we don’t get to get together often, but when we do, its ALWAYS a good time! It was hard work getting everything together, but these women are well worth it. Come back next Monday, as there will be plenty to share!

Do you have a Girlfriends Group? What are some of the things that you all get together and do? Any suggestions for us? I’d love to hear from you.

Be Blessed,


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