Hey there, Friends! I am back from a wonderful weekend with some great ladies! There was an overflow of hugs and kisses, good old junk food binges, (some of us found out the hard way why it is not smart to have a whole family size bag of Funyuns too yourself…Jacobo, LOL) laughs galore, and great times. We were missing a few members of our crew, but we shall gather again….

These 2 behind me are trouble with a capital T!
Mandy & Mel

Friday night kicks us off with everyone trickling in and and picking their bunk spots. All of the community snacks are laid out, and we immediately know that we WILL be going home with an additional 3-5 lbs.

You see my Cracker Crack to the right of that pack of waters??? It didn’t stand a chance!

They just keep coming, AND there is more in the fridge….

Day 2: We have breakfast, and dive straight into our discussion. “Nobody’s Cuter Than You.” These were conversations that needed to be had. We laughed, we cried, and we poured our hearts out. Man, I love these ladies!

Yo & I
Me & Charlotte

Some deep conversations were had. I don’t know what Laura was talking about here, but Rhonda was very interested. Melanie….not so much.

DJ & I

Some deeper friendships made……

Ashley, DJ, & I in line waiting for lunch….
Hot Stuff!
Yeah…We did that!
Shout out to Let’s Paint with Kinfolks. Our Paint and “Sip” was a hit!

After dinner, we ended our day with a few rousing games of “Heads Up”. There are no words for the fun we had. I haven’t laughed that hard in a good while. Melanie is a hoot, and her acting skills are comical, to say the least. I was hurting by the time it was all over. She had broken up with all of us because our laughing supposedly hurt her feelings. LOL! She is sooo the life of the party!

(I’m so upset that I couldn’t get the videos that Ms. Doris posted to load. SMH)

These women are a very special part of my life. During one of our sessions, one of the ladies mentioned that she is very protective of our little group. Another lady mentioned that we are and should operate as a secret society. We all laughed, but it is true. When you have got a group like this, you should cherish and protect it. We all communicate with one another on different levels of depth, but when we all get together…it just works. You don’t really find that often among women.

My connection with the teacups goes back about 10 years, but there are some that go even further back. Some are old friends. We have 2 cousin sets, and there’s a mother & daughter. Shoot! We even have a wife-in-law situation going on! Uhmmmm hmmmmm. That’s real!

We have started a Bible Study through the First 5 app. Our study is taken from the book of Philippians, and is called “What Matters Most”. The very first day’s topic is “Thank You for Being a Friend”. So fitting, and so spot on. (I know you immediately went into singing the Golden Girls theme song. I can’t even be mad at that!)

Philippians 1:3 (ESV) “I thank my God in all my remembrance of you.”

Do you have a friend group that you get together with from time to time? What kinds of things do you all do?

We have a “Retail Therapy” outing planned next. I am stoked about that one!

“Loving each other, offering forgiveness when wronged and then forging ahead in our friendships displays the gospel to a watching world.” -Karen Ehman

Be Blessed,


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