What’s Making Me Happy This Week…

Good Morning, Folks! I am back to share with you what has made me happy this past week! I will say that my ABSOLUTE top favorite, over the moon, made me happy event, was celebrating my sweet husband on his 42nd birthday!

We did it up Surprise Luau Style. (Inside, unfortunately.) That was he ONLY-EST day that we had torrential rains and thunderstorms, mind you! (Good ol’ Texas!)

The theme came to me after straightening the garage one day, and discovering some tiki torches that we bought and never used over 5 years ago! I set my plan to motion about 3 months prior, and just knew we would have a beautiful Hawaiian flow going on in our backyard. WRONG! Either way, my nephew played decoy, and got him gone for the afternoon, which was hard work. #thatmanisstubborn

After the big “SURPRISE”, I had him change into his Hawaiian “Dad” Shirt, as Kamren calls it, threw a lei around his neck, and as you can see, he cut a rug or two! He is still talking about what a good time he had. It truly makes my heart smile, as this is one guy who definitely deserves to be celebrated.

On his actual birthday, we woke up early that morning and hopped on the bike for a Mama/Daddy ride. We stopped in Waxahachie for coffee, then headed to Ennis for brunch. I love when we get these moments in. Mind you, our children were ALL still asleep when we left, but they called to tell us that our curfew was 12, and since we didn’t want to be in trouble, we made sure to get home on time.

The next thing that has got me giddy this week, is this Bible Study that my girlfriends group has been working through. It’s available as an app that you can download, and is called First 5. There are various study plans to choose from, all set from certain books of the Bible. They only take about 15-20 minutes to read through and study over, and on the weekend, there is a video by the author of the specific lesson plan to watch. I love that it is broken down in “non-bible scholar” speak. This is helping me tremendously. The plan we just completed was called, “What Matters Most”, and is coming from the book of Philippians. You should really check it out!


The last thing that has made me happy this week, is great conversations and check- ins with my very good friend Yolanda. She is the type of friend that will not allow you to “Cloak” your existence, if that makes sense…. There have been times that I have been very vague about what is going on, or about how I am feeling, and hadn’t even realized it, but she makes me go deeper. Doesn’t allow me to just surface all situations. and you know what? I do not view it as her being nosey. It’s a matter of, “Girlfriend, is there anything that I NEED to know? Is there something that you NEED to share?” Sometimes these are just conversations that NEED to be had. I have said many times before, that you should always check on your STRONG friend. They may be suffering in silence, but are still there to give you an encouraging word. Sometimes, I don’t even know that I NEED an encouraging word. I love that we can call each other out on the carpet, but have a full understanding about what that really means. There is a way to “check” your friend when they are not being their loveliest.

One day, I done went on a rant over something that I assumed had happened, and got this…..

I about fell out of my seat! I love it that she keeps it real with me. The crazy part is that I know I am not the only one that feels that way about her. She is really a genuine, kind soul, and she is very much a part of what has made me happy this week!


What has got you in a good mood these days? I would love to hear about them.

Be Blessed,


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