Mission: Explore My City….

Good Morning, Friends! I pray that everyone is well on this glorious Monday Morning!

I believe I mentioned in a previous post that Damon and I had discussed getting out and exploring the great DFDub! (That is DFW for those of you that are like, “What???” Deeper explanation: Dallas/Ft Worth) LOL! We are always the ultimate tourists whenever we visit other areas, so why not do the same in our own? It will definitely save us a lot of headache and expense. We can drive ourselves, and don’t need to spend any extra”chedda” on a hotel room that needs to sleep 5+people. So, what I have done here, is compiled a list of the things that we have got planned to visit this summer. Maybe we’ll see you at one of these spots. ;0)

Family Friendly Outings:

  1. Klyde Warren Park– We’ve been a few times before, but I know the summer will be packed with all sorts of activities, not to mention the yumm-o food trucks. https://www.klydewarrenpark.org/
  2. The Ft. Worth Zoo-The last time I went, I was probably a pre-schooler. I believe that my Littles will really enjoy it. https://www.fortworthzoo.org/
  1. The Perot Museum-A little Science & Nature for everybody! https://www.perotmuseum.org/
  2. Ft. Worth Stockyards-Ft. Worth is a place that I have never really ventured out to. Being a Texas Girl, how dare I not visit good Ol’ Cow Town! https://www.fortworthstockyards.org/
  3. Sea Life Aquarium in Grapevine– Another outing that Drew would be ecstatic about. I have noticed that quite a few field trips happen here. https://www.visitsealife.com/grapevine/
  4. Ripley’s Believe it or Not-I have always wanted to go here. I very often see Groupon discounts that would really help out. On the list! https://www.ripleys.com/grandprairie/

Restaurants: I have heard and read some good things about these places. “Great Kid Friendly Atmosphere”, is what I have seen the most.

  1. Chicken ScratchChicken Scratch
  2. The Lot– “Good Food, Cold Beer, Cool Patios” http://www.thelotdallas.com/
  3. Hat Creek Burgershttps://hatcreekburgers.com/
  1. Arepa, TXhttps://www.arepatx.com/
  2. Hypnotic Emporium-Sweet treats all around. Yes, Please? https://www.hypnoticemporium.com/

I’m so stoked! This list will definitely get us started. Do any of you locals have any suggestions? I would love to hear from you. We ain’t just gonna talk about it, we are about to BE ABOUT IT! Right??? Until next time…

Be Blessed,



A little about me... I am a married mother of 3 beautiful daughters and 1 handsome son. My husband Damon is my absolute best friend, and our love for the Lord is what keeps me going on a day to day basis. I pray that my little contribution to the world wide web will be something that could possibly inspire you to do something different, live your best life, and not just talk about it, but BE about it!

2 thoughts on “Mission: Explore My City….

  1. These outings all look super fun! Ripley’s always sounds so fun. I remember going there once and we got some popcorn at the concession and we thought it tasted like had wax on it.


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