What Has Made Me Happy This Week…

Good Morning, Friends!

I have had some great times with great people this past week. My kids are home from their Grandma visit, and all order has been restored in the world. (If you can say that there was ever really any order) We are back in the full swing of things, so I wanted to share a few of my happy items for mid week.

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WalMart’s Little Piece of Heaven in A Cup!

I am going to start with this bit of wonderfulness! Creme Brulee Coffee. And yes, it is this EXACT brand. I never thought that a cup of coffee, made by the handsome-est man on earth, (I am a bit biased) would be a “Happy” note for me, but it definitely is. My Mother-In-Law introduced this into our lives about a year ago, and we were really just enjoying it on the weekends at our leisure, so it was more of a laid back consumption. You know, because you need the hardcore coffee during the week! Anyway, Damon slipped a cup in on me, and my eyes literally rolled back in my head! I don’t know what the difference was on this particular morning as I drove in to work, but it was heavenly! Thanks, Boo! You are the best! Make sure to keep us stocked….

Look at that BEAUTY!

This one should have probably been above coffee, but she knows my heart….. LOL! My Girl Kamren… my #1, like she refers to herself. She is what has been making me happy this week. She is definitely her Mama’s daughter! We had a few hiccups/bumps in the road this last week, and in true Kamren fashion, she handled them Like A Boss! It really made me proud. She is growing and maturing into a wonderful & very responsible young adult. She loves her family and the Lord, and is on a mission to get this thing call “life” handled. She and I were talking the other day, and she ended her story with, “Because my parents didn’t raise me like that! ” I told her, SAY THAT, Girl!” I am over the moon with what our future holds as TEAM mother & daughter. We all know about those rough teenage girl/mama years! Don’t act brand new on me, just pray for me. I still have two to go.

My final “Happy” note for today is….Father’s Day is this weekend! Whoop! Whoop! I get to share a home with an Ahh-Mazing man that my children are blessed to call “Daddy”! I could not have chosen a better “Partner in Crime.” Sunday will be all about him, and it will be well deserved. (We’ll work on more days like these) He is our rock, our center, and our fearless leader. I have had many struggles with this day in my past, but my husband has blessed me through them. The least that I/we can do is celebrate him. Celebrate him for the man he is, has grown to be, and will always be, leaving an always stamp on our lives. The two of us have LITERALLY grown up together…. whoa! On so many levels. I mention all of this to say that, I LOVE this man for exactly who he is, and for the babies he has given me. Happy Father’s Day, Damon! XOXOXO

Be Blessed,


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