First Stop Review…

Hey there, Friends! At the prompting of one of my cousins, (shout out to Frenchie!) I have decided to review the spots that I told you all that I wanted to visit in my city. The plan is to hit at least one place on my list each weekend during the summer. I hadn’t really thought about doing any kind of reviews for anything really, but why not? I may be able to help out a few of my reader/follower friends find something to do. To recap the list from my “Mission: Explore My City…”, here they are…

  1. Klyde Warren Park
  2. The Ft. Worth Zoo
  3. The Perot Museum
  4. Ft. Worth Stockyards
  5. Sea Life Aquarium in Grapevine
  6. Ripley’s Believe it or Not
  7. Chicken Scratch
  8. The Lot
  9. Hat Creek Burgers
  10. Arepa, TX
  11. Hypnotic Emporium

First stop…Chicken Scratch!

What I first want to say about this location is that it is VERY kid friendly! There is so much for them to do and explore outdoors. They have hop scotch tiles, horseshoes, a playground, and they even have an area where they provide sidewalk chalk for your kid to break out their inner artist! Baby

It is attached to The Foundry, which serves the more “grown up” side of your crew, and there appeared to be band getting set up on the stage. I am sure there are a lot of good times had out on that patio!

Photo of Chicken Scratch - Dallas, TX, United States. Their delicious chicken and coconut waffle - $10.83

My food was quite good, as you really can’t go wrong with Coconut Chicken & Waffles, but sadly, the rest of my crew was not impressed.

Damon had the chicken on the bone….not a “W” for him. (You know how he likes his fried chicken!)

Photo of Chicken Scratch - Dallas, TX, United States. Chicken on the bone

Kamren & Donovan both had some sort of deep fried burger that they did not enjoy, while Kori, who is the most go with the flow kid that I know, was perfectly fine with her kid meal chicken strips & french fries. They give the kids a ticket when you order so they can come back and get a Paleta (Ice Cream/Popsicle) when they are ready for it. Overall, the atmosphere was good, but it wasn’t enough to have me come back. On to the next spot. See you with that review next week!

Be Blessed,


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