This Weekend’s To Dos…

Hey, Ya’ll! Hey! I’m back!

This weekend, I am making time to assist my children in getting organized. Who out there has a kid that runs you crazy with the things they choose to put on everyday? You always want to encourage and promote independence and all, but you also cannot allow for foolishness when they are going to be seen with you!!! “I buy you nice clothes. How about you stop wearing the raggedy, too small ones, huh???”

Every morning, I know I end up sending my two Littles back up the stairs, at least twice a piece, to change something on their body before heading out. I had tried to implement the, “Let me approve your choices before bedtime” rule, but for whatever reason, we can’t seem to keep that up. It is the worst for my 6 year old. She looks like she is about to run off to Clown College on the days we FAIL to check the night before. So, what I have decided to do, is set her up with outfits for the week. I am talking everything from top… to bottom. Maybe have her throw her socks in a pocket or something? i don’t know. I just need her to have everything together, so there are no questions to be asked.

I was thinking of something like this….

Days of the Week Closet Organizers.  Ease school morning stress with these functional and adorable chalkboard clothing dividers.
Seems simple enough.

As I got to digging around for ideas, I said to myself, “Self! You could make things easier in your closet, too!” I think I may arrange this for me.

Wooden clothes outfit hangers day of the week hangers
Simplicity, Baby!

So, our morning routine has them getting up by their own alarm clock, brushing teeth, washing face, and getting dressed, all while I get myself ready for the day. (You are probably thinking, “They get up on their own?” Yes! Yes they do! I am raising folks to be independent, remember?) They will then come down the stairs to me, and I will finish up on hair, and whatever else needs to be checked, ie. crazy outfits!

Mama grabs her coffee, and if I am feeling extra SUPER, my lunch for the day. We load up in the car, get dropped at daycare, and I head to work. Done, Son!!!!

Prayerfully, after this weekend, we will have a fail proof system that will alleviate at least the one morning headache for me. Please say a prayer for your girl. I am trying to “Be About It” this weekend!

Be Blessed,


2 thoughts on “This Weekend’s To Dos…”

  1. Clown College – LOL!!! I so admire how you have them getting in bed and up on their own – I’m failing at this. This clothes system is so good! During the school year I am ecstatic to have enough uniforms for the week hanging for easy access – when there are enough socks I feel like there should be a parade to honor my accomplishments. Keep us posted!!

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