We Did It!!!

Friends….this was a VERY productive weekend in the “White House Organization Initiative”. I was able to tackle quite a few things that I have let get out of hand, not to mention, trying to pass on my organization prowess to my 2 youngest offspring.

Remember that my first feet was to set them up with clothes for the week??? Handled it!

I even got the labels ready for my week set up. Side Note: I had to “Clean” my closet a bit, since my shoe rack collapsed on me a few days ago. Once I was done with all of that, I was too pooped to figure out a weeks worth of clothes for myself. My work wardrobe is a little more involved than shorts and a cute t-shirt everyday! IJS.

I also found this “hack” while perusing good ol’ Pinterest….

Now they are out for me to see.

I had been keeping all of my purses inside of 2 larger bags, but every time I wanted to switch one, I had to dig. Or if I needed to use one of the larger bags, I had to dump them all out. On Pinterest of course, it was a bit fancier of a closet with cutesy hooks, but Hey! I had the hangers, so I used them. Works for me.

I ended up being able to do some sprucing in my bathroom linen closet to make things a little more organized, along with some long overdue dusting, sweeping, & mopping. I also cleaned out my nightstand “junk drawer”. For the life of me, I do not understand why we keep some of the stuff that we do! I do know that for me, I sometimes don’t feel like looking at something right away, but know that I need to eventually. That is how my nightstand ends up so full, but Damon…….O…M….G! That is a story for another day. Lets just say, Junk Drawer Overload!

Sadly, I didn’t take any pictures. I was so ready to get at it, and fully meant to take before & afters of these 2 projects, but I was a GIRL ON FIYAH! Just know that I always have projects on the horizon, so there is plenty more opportunities for photos.

Do you have any projects that you need to GET AT? Would you like some helpful tips…or just some help? What are some of your struggles? I would love to hear what you are working on? Don’t just think about it, BE About it!

Be Blessed,


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