Just a Little Shopping…..

Hey there!

I have been getting my family ready for vacation and needless to say, that requires me to do “A Little Shopping.” Just a few pics of some very cute finds for me and my Littles….

I looove to peruse the clearance/sale section on Old Navy’s website. I always find good stuff. I snagged this entire outfit for less than $20!

I’mma be cute!

Check this out! I had been noticing these cute Birkenstock sandals, and also noticed that they were $100!!! Uhmmmm…..NO!

Image result for birkenstock

How about Walmart for $14.88??? Yes, please! I splurged for a black AND a brown pair! Yeah…I’m fancy! I feel like I really won here. :0)

I have set out to put a little LAKE in my life this summer, and am a bit grossed out about having my bare feet on the slimy, rocky bottom, so I searched Amazon, and found these with some great reviews, and at just $12, I ain’t mad about a thang.

Simari Water Shoes

You know I have 2 little girls, and hair is a major responsibility. They have been doing quite a bit of swimming this summer, so in order to try and help with my struggle, I bought these to try. I’ll let you know how they fare. They also came with 2 sets each of earplugs and nose pinchers. Little added bonus….

Another Amazon find for $11!

These are super cute for my girls to wear with their bathing suits. You know EVERY little girl has some pink on at any given time. Can’t go wrong for $5.88 at Walmart.

Lastly, I’ve got to shout out my girl Tijuana at Bello Bath & Body. She masterfully handcrafts some amazing skincare products, and has hooked me up! Who wants to be ashy on vacay? Her Whipped Body Butter is What’s Up! She also has a line for men, and I am awaiting Damon’s review of her Sandalwood Beard Balm. He is about that beard! Check her out at the Grow DeSoto Market Place, or online at http://www.bellobath.com/.

That’s what I’ve got for today, Friends! What are some of the things you’ve been shopping for? got any upcoming plans? I would love to hear form you.

Be Blessed,


2 thoughts on “Just a Little Shopping…..”

  1. I enjoy these kind of posts! I’m wearing the Birkenstocks you show above in tan – the actual Birkenstocks #boujee
    I have a pair of those rubber like Birkenstocks too – they’re great!


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