Birthday Weekend Part 1…

Wow! All I can say about this weekend is, “Thank you, Jesus for continuing to bless me!” I was able to see year 41, and had an amazing time bringing in this 40+ years of life.

It was kicked off with a BBQ & Baked Potato lunch and my favorite pie at work. How cute are these? (Alicia is so cute with her quirky ideas!)

I headed home afterwards, and assisted my 11 year old, Kori on cooking us a nacho dinner. She was so proud of herself, as well as she should’ve been. After dinner, we all sat around the table and chit chatted. After the kids went off to their separate corners, as they usually do, Damon and I enjoyed a “night cap” together.

On Saturday morning, my wonderful husband and kids set out to do their weekend chores and left me to do whatever my heart desired. I ended up completing the last season of “One Day At A Time” on Netflix. I really like that show, and hate that it is cancelled after only 3 seasons. I was also able to complete another organization task that I, once again, forgot to take pictures of. I will say that it was a Kellie Productive morning!

We decided a little later to get out for a Taco Casa lunch. (For the record, Damon likes NOTHING about Taco Casa), but the sheer fact that he loves me, and I suggested we eat there, he obliged. Afterwards, we remembered a cute little spot that we walked up on in Waxahachie a few weeks back, called the Dessert Spot, and decided to go over there for a dessert sampling.

Frick & Frack!
“Whatchu lookin’ at, Willis?”
That’s more like it…
He thinks he is too cool for pictures taken by his Mama…
Look who showed up!

We had plans for dinner at The Lot, and I could feel the love. Thanks to everyone that came out.

This man holds my heart in his hands….
There always has to be that ONE….

We ended the night at the house with our over night, out of town family, just reminiscing on old times. It was a long day, and I definitely needed to rest up for Part 2! Come back tomorrow, and check it out!



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