Binge List….

Happy Friday, Y’all! So glad it’s here. I get to go see MC Hammer tonight with my favorite guy, and I couldn’t be more geeked! #weready

On another note, and the whole reason we are gathered here today, is to talk about my future Netflix Binge List. I have wrapped up a few shows in the last week or so, and have been looking for something else to get into once my little people have gone to bed. This is what I have so far.

Workin’ Moms-The previews look hilarious, and there are only 3 seasons at 30 minutes each. We can easily get that knocked out!

All American-This is one that my Mama suggested. It is inspired by true events surrounding a professional football player. All she had to say was that Taye Diggs was in it, and i’d have been sold!

Dead to Me– Here is another one that looks REALLY good. It is described as Black Comedy, and is 1 season/ 30 minutes. I am here for it! Does it look like I may have commitment issues?

Stranger Things-I watched Season 1 and was on the fence about wanting to watch more. In one of the podcasts I listen to, they talked about a few of the goings ons in the most recent season that seemed interesting. I plan to pick back up on this one. We’ll see how long it keeps my interest.

I believe that is enough to keep me busy for awhile. Do any of you have any suggestions? Maybe something that I wouldn’t think would “tickle my fancy”? I have had a TON of Breaking Bad nudges, but again, there is that long term commitment thing that I am struggling with….

Have a blessed weekend!

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