White Summer Vacay…

Good Morning! I am here today to share a few pics and stories about our family vacation. This was our first time to take everybody on a cruise, and I must say…it was definitely an interesting adventure. Settle in, because here we go….

Those Littles. Always camera ready1

When I tell you that it is not very easy to get us all in one photo, I ain’t kidding! It is especially trying when you are being herded like cattle in a line. LOL! Those cruise ship security folks run things like well oiled machines.

Our first mission was to find us some lunch.

Those teeth!

We later found our rooms, got unpacked and settled, and went to “People Watch” around the pool. There were soooo many pictures that I wanted to take, but decided not to. #somefolkswerejustwrong

We had the early 5:30 dinner, so we headed to the main dining room for some GOOD food.

Where does she get that from???

These little ducks were “hidden” all around the ship. I forgot to post on FB that we had found one. The game is to find it, post it, and re-hide it. I had Drew find a place to hide it. I am sure it was hidden in plain sight…

That side eye, tho!
My Love!
#1 & #2. He couldn’t wait to be taller than his big sister. Did he make it?
Living his absolute BEST life in true Damon fashion!

Off the boat, and out to explore Cozumel…

My 3 Daughters. They all have such diverse personalities, and it definitely makes life interesting.
She’s “Mama’s Homegirl!”
My Day 1!
Just CUTE!
The White Girls!

The last day at sea was spent just relaxing. We didn’t schedule anything, we just spent time together.

The middle kid….always clamoring to get time alone with the Parentals!

Our last night on the boat and hanging with our wonderful serving team, Andy & Ma!

So there you have it. The Whites were on VACATION! It was a much needed gathering, as Damon and I had missed having all of our offspring together. We laughed, we ate, (boy did we eat!) and we enjoyed each other’s company. I am already thinking about where our next venture will be to. Maybe a road trip of some sort. Hmmmmm…. In the mean time, be Blessed.


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