Hey there, Friends! I am back to tell you all about our 90s/2000s throwback excursion.

Here we are on our way to the Hammer’s House Party concert, where we got to see 2LiveCrew, Kid N’ Play, Sisqo & Dru Hill, Sir Mixalot, and of course….MC Hammer!

Here we come, Hammer!

We had purchased $20 lawn tickets on Groupon quite a few months back. I had us all prepared with my little roll away lawn blankets, only to get to the door and have them tell us that it was no longer a lawn concert, but the that they were moving everyone inside. I will tell you right now, I wasn’t even mad at that. It is August in Texas, so inside sounded like a great plan. Damon and I took everything back out to the car, and popped right back in to the AC. I think I forgot to mention that we were swapped out for some really good floor seats. Remember me saying that I wasn’t at all mad at the change? I totally stand by that.

Our seats were great & I was with my Best Guy and my Aunt J!

Ran into a few friends…

Anitra & I go WAAAAAAY Back!

I didn’t take very many pictures, seeing as we were too busy doing all of the dance moves to the songs we were singing along to. I have said it before. There is no better of a time, than a time that can take you back to a simpler time. LOL! Have you ever heard an old song, and was immediately sent back to the time of when you first heard that song? You can remember EXACTLY what was going on then, right? I love it!

Donovan hears “OUR” music and always says that it all sounds the same. The same beats, and talking about the same things. We don’t even entertain him, because the mess that they listen to now is complete & utter foolishness with a capital F! Anywhoooo, I am sure the older than me generation thought the same about my music, but you know what? I AM THE 90s/2000s, and wouldn’t change a thang!

These old dudes did their thing that night. Most probably needed to go ice their knees and rub Bengay on their joints, but we were thoroughly entertained.

If they come to your city, check them out.

Come back tomorrow for another Life Recap…



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