17 Years…

Good Morn-Ting!

I mentioned this past weekend on social media that this guy and I were celebrating 17 years of marriage. I couldn’t be happier or feel more blessed being this man’s wife. We always like to spend some dedicated Mama/Daddy time together, and this time, we decided to stay local. We called up the Grandma Supreme, and she willingly came up to spend the night with her grands.

Damon dubbed this time together as a “Why Not” day. This is something that he and Donovan like to do on occasion. I got a little fussed at, because I apparently don’t do “Why Not” right. LOL! “Hey! I don’t have to want what you want on “why not”, and I won’t stop you either. You do you, Boo!” Yeah, he told me that I suck at that. I may not ever be included in another “why not”. LOL!

First stop…The Dacquiri Shoppe!

We headed to Ft. Worth, which is a place that I have never really ventured out to. Our eyes were on this place….It is like going to a Mall Food Court without the mall. Any type of food that you could imagine you may want, is represented. Seafood, Burgers, Noodles, Indian, you name it!

Not to mention a few sweet treats….

The House @ Press Waffle Co.
Nutella, Cookie Butter, Strawberries, & Whipped Cream on a hot Belgium Waffle. Yes please!

You see that there are 2 forks, even though SOMEONE claimed they didn’t want anything sweet. His words: “That’s all you, Baby”.
Uhhhhmmmm, ate more than me. IJS!

Being totally stuffed from sampling a little bit of everything, we decided to head out and do a little tourist-ing. (Not sure that is a word, but let’s go with it)

After rolling through the streets of Ft. Worth, we decided that what we really wanted to do was get some dinner, settle in for the night and just spend some QT together, uninterrupted, and we did just that.

The next day had us back in our “hood”, finishing up our weekend with our kids, and getting ready for the week.

Bonus: Got to watch our Steelers show their stuff! And before anyone gets going, I know it is just preseason. Just gets me in all of the Fall feels, when football starts. Who’s with me on that? Until next time…

Be Blessed,


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