What Made Me Happy….Last Week

Good Monday morning, Friends! Time got away from me last week, so I didn’t get a chance to share my “Happy” from the last week.

Like I had before mentioned, it was my Mother’s 60th birthday, and me, Damon & my 2 brothers wanted to celebrate her in a grand way. Colby, the middle of the 3 of us, had the idea for us to all take her to Broken Bow, OK for the weekend, and all in agreement, we decided to rent a huge cabin big enough to fit all 3 families, and she absolutely LOVED it! My mother is a very easy to please, anyway, but when you add in her very favorite people, it is pure bliss for her!


The Birthday Girl!
(Look at that cutie in the background)

I called her and told her to be packed and ready by 12 pm. Stamon, my youngest brother lives in Houston, so we don’t get to see him very often. He volunteered to be the one to pick her up on his way through, which was great, because she would definitely not expect to see him. At this point, she didn’t even know that anyone past my household was involved.

I called her, after I knew they were on the road and asked her how she liked her surprise chauffeur. She yelled out, “I LOVE HIM!” (See. I told you she is over the moon about us!)

Fishing right outside our back door.
Her Grown People

We all made sure that she never had to lift a finger. She ate good, got to chill a couple of times in the jacuzzi, and got to catch up on her Designated Survivor, all while in her own private little suite. She was in Relaxation Heaven. #welldeserved

Complete Chill Mode!

While in Broken Bow, there is not a whole lot to do but relax, and I ain’t mad at that.

My Mama had a great time celebrating her 60th birthday with all of her offspring. (Well, almost all. We missed you Kamren)

I am so thankful to this woman who birthed and raised me, and blessed knowing that my children have her for a Grandma.

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