Happy Tuesday, Everybody! I know….I know. It’s been ages since my last post. Just hadn’t really been feeling it. Annnny whoooo…. I am back, and have a few tidbits for you all. We have had a few celebrations since the last time I shared. My two oldest children had birthdays. October 20th was my one and only son’s 16th birthday, and November 1st, my Day 1 turned 22!

Each of them had a different celebration, and each of those celebrations had me in my feelings. I know everybody says this exact thing when their child gets a year older, but seriously, where did the years go? I definitely remember them being babies, and it seems like only yesterday. Crazy, huh?

Another AH-MAZING development on the horizon, is the future arrival of Baby Nicholas! We are sooo ready for him to be here, and I will be a brand new Auntie! This will be a first for me from my siblings, with me being so much older than them (ugh!) I say all the time that I want Damon & I to be the Aunt & Uncle that he loses his mind over when he sees us. “AUNTIE KELLIEEEEEEEEE!” and runs to jump in my arms. I can already hear his tiny little voice. I have been hinting to my SIL to purchase me a “My Auntie is Better Than Yours”, Hoodie. We’ll see come Christmas….

This is just a little giggle for you……

So, I’ve got a bunch of kids, therefore I’ve got a bunch of laundry…..always. I asked that big one back there to get the clothes out of the dryer. As she is coming around the corner with the basket, I hear her tell the little one, “Girl! Get up there and get us some hangers. We need to go’n and get these clothes handled.” #thatskelliesbaby

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

See ya’ll tomorrow….




A little about me... I am a married mother of 3 beautiful daughters and 1 handsome son. My husband Damon is my absolute best friend, and our love for the Lord is what keeps me going on a day to day basis. I pray that my little contribution to the world wide web will be something that could possibly inspire you to do something different, live your best life, and not just talk about it, but BE about it!

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