Friendsgiving 2019….

Hey there, Folks! I pray that this Thursday finds you all well. The good Lord has blessed us with yet another day!

I wanted to share just a little glimpse into my Tuesday night….

Friendsgiving 2019

Our Girl, Lisa Jackson (featured standing dead center, in the pink) set us up for this annual gathering, 3 years ago. Even though there were quite a few that weren’t able to be there, and we know that it is just “like that” sometimes, we are all in agreement that this will definitely be something that we will keep up. I had someone ask me the other day, after I told them my plans for the evening, “What are you cooking to take for you guy’s Friendsgiving gathering?” After shooting her a lethal gasp of a gaze, I said, “Nothing! Ain’t nobody got time for that!” None of us want to be cooking, lugging, or washing dishes. We just want to be together, laugh, catch up, eat, and go home with MAYBE a to-go box. We have eternity to cook & clean, but not on THIS night!

Jacobo does NOT know how to take a picture.
Gotta watch out for this one! Trouble with a capital T!

We have plans for a Christmas get together in a few weeks at the home of one of our crew that was unable to make this one. That will be sure to be a great time as well, and of course, there will be pictures.


What is a tradition that you have with friends/family?

A little giggle for you….

(I know these pictures are a little dark, but hopefully you get the gist.)

Every week, we clean out the dog’s kennels. Take out the bedding, sweep them out, etc. Kori decided that she would get at it this time, and you will see…the little dogs were all up in her business! Nugget, (pink collar) is already bad about having no boundaries. Smh. But what was funny to see after I took these pictures, is that Boogie (green collar) is there, but kind of looking off. Not all too concerned in the picture on the right….until Kori goes to his side. Look at him. He has got his whole head all under her armpit as if he is thinking, 1). “Maybe she can help me find my lost…”, or 2). “I hope she doesn’t find my stash.” LOL! It’s crazy how possessive dogs can be about their stuff, I tell ya. These dogs of mine provide me with so much comic relief.

Until next time.

Be a Blessing,


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