Be About It Organizing….

Hey, Y’all! It’s almost that time!

I have been working and preparing to go full swing with Be About It Organizing. I’ve got my first “paying” client all set up for this month, and will be sharing her transformation in later posts. I am so excited to be on my way to doing something that I truly enjoy and feel that I was born to do.

I wanted to share a few tried & true tips & tricks that I use to stay on top of my organizing game. Let’s take a gander…

Do you get totally overwhelmed with the dreaded “L” word? That’s right. LAUNDRY!

Image result for overflowing laundry meme

I was chatting with a friend the other day, and she said that she is so tired of her Saturdays being taken over by all things laundry. Is this you? Well, let me tell you what I do. On maybe two mornings during the week, I go to grab a towel out of my master bathroom linen closet, and notice that my hamper is full. I then say to myself, “Self, let’s go ahead and get those clothes sorted.” Before I do that, I turn on my shower water, and by the time it is good and warm, I am done sorting! Boom! After showering and dressing, I run to drop said clothes into the washer and get them started. It takes me all of MAYBE 3 minutes? Then it’s back to getting myself ready to head out the door! Handled like a BOSS! When you get home, and before starting dinner, just be sure to transfer them on over to the dryer, or better yet, get a kid to do it!

Getting a kid to do it leads me to my next tip. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASSIGN CHORES TO THE KIDS! They are living under your roof rent free. It’s the least they can do!

My kids were with Grandma for a week over the holidays, and when they got back, my 16 year old son said, “I’m glad to be back home. I needed some structure.” Isn’t that hilarious? He said that he felt out of whack without his Daddy telling him, “Son, I need my truck washed.” “Son, my yard needs to be mowed.” You know, when you are at Grandma’s, you are chilling’ at Grandma’s. Grandma never MAKES you do anything!

Each of my three, still at home kids, are responsible for something in our house. All the way down to my 6 year old who empties all wastebaskets, dusts, & feeds the little dogs. Trust that you are raising a great human when they have responsibilities. You should never worry about feeling like Lady Tremaine, (AKA, Cinderella’s Wicked Stepmother) They will appreciate “The Structure”.

I just wanted to give you all a little peak into a few of the things that I do to keep from suffering from overload at the White House. Stay tuned later in the week for a few more tidbits.

Be Blessed,


Luke 11:25 – And when he cometh, he findeth [it] swept and garnished.

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