Be About It Organizing Part 2…

Happy Freakin’ Wednesday, Ya’ll!

I told you I’d be back to share a few more handy dandy tips on how to keep house out of utter chaos. I know that everyone is not cut from the same cloth as I am, and that’s o.k. God did that on purpose. If being and staying organized is not your strong suit, I am here to help you work on said suit. A theoretical Sewing Class, if you will. (Lori, I know I can’t sew. Leave me alone…)

Let’s start with something that has been a blessing to my life. Whoever came up with this idea needs a gold star or two or three. The wonderful world of the GROCERY PICK UP! I don’t care who in the heck you use to make this a staple, but you need to use it. Where it does me the most good is in two areas.

1.) When I need specific items for a meal/meals that I am preparing. That is one reason that I don’t do a lot of recipe cooking. When it calls for those danggone ingredients that you have no idea where to even find them in the store….oooooh, that gets on my last nerve. I always feel like I am just wandering in circles, and it takes me way longer in the store. Not a fan.

2.) For when planning a party or some type of outing, like camping. I took the lead on a camping retreat, and about a week leading up to the day, I had been building a cart with all of our necessities. As things came to me, I just dropped them in, and was able to schedule my pick up on the way to my destination. That made me not have to unload but one time. Glorious, I tell you! Just Glorious!

The next thing that I want to help you with is, Bathroom Cabinet Organization. YAY!

The best tip that I can share with you is to categorize. You don’t necessarily need to go purchase anything, but I have picked up these little baskets at the Dollar Tree,

View Large Rectangular Slotted Plastic Storage

which is by the way, my 1st stop when purchasing supplies, and I group all things as listed below:

  1. Daily Use items: Deodorant, face wash, perfume, lotion
  2. Hair Care Products
  3. Extras not in use: Soap, Toothpaste, cotton balls, q-tips, etc.
  4. Cleaning supplies

For the stuff that I use everyday, I keep it right at the front, and just slide the basket out in order to access what I need and put it all back. This way, you keep the top clutter free, and have your necessities at your disposal. I live by the rule of, “Everything has a place.” Say what you will, but it does…. WORD!

That’s all for today, but I’m not done. Until next time, be Blessed.


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