Dollar Tree Storage Solutions

As I was going through pictures of all of my past organization projects, I got to thinking about how some people spend absurd amounts of money on products. As you all should know about me by now, I am just not that chick! I believe that you should always start first with utilizing things that you may already have, and when you don’t, just head on over to your neighborhood Dollar Tree!

I do often times find that not all Dollar Tree locations have what I am looking for, or even what their website has. You will find that one location may have all kinds of great things, then the next one is whack. My rule of thumb is that when I see something and get excited about it, I buy multiple, because the next time I go, it is liable to be gone!

Below are just a few things that I have purchased and used to keep my house in order…

View Colorful Plastic Storage Buckets with
Those buckets IN ACTION. We use these to hold lunch boxes.
View Essentials Chrome-Plated Over-the-Door Double Hooks
Didn’t snap a picture, but Donovan uses these to hang his robe on the back of his closet door. Always handy to have easy access for hanging essentials.
View Essentials 6-Hook White Over-the-Door Metal
Back Pack Central
View Large Rectangular Slotted Plastic Storage
Under Bathroom Cabinet Storage
3M Command Basics...
I KEEP these on hand. Does somebody have a hat collection that may want to display the hats that are not currently on their head??? Got any teenage boys, a sports fan husband or boyfriend?
One of my absolute favorite hacks. Thanks Pinterest!
View Smooth Glass Hurricane Candleholders, 4

View Glass Taper Candleholders, 4"
Knock! Knock! DIY project here! Ya’ll know I loves me some Do It Yourself.

So, there you have it. Some Real Life uses, for some very inexpensive organizational tools.

If organizing is something you’ve been wishing you could attain but you’ve never been able to do it, I am here to help you with your “fresh start”. Just give me a shout in Comments, reach out on Facebook, and you can follow me on Instagram @kelliedidwhat.

In the words of a great chick, and friend of mine Tijuana Johnson, “Clear the clutter, clear the mind.

Be Blessed,


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