Be About It Organizing in Action…

You Guys! You Guys!

This weekend, I was in my element. A client reached out to me out of sheer and utter frustration, wanting to “take her house back”. They had undergone a remodel over a year ago, and were instructed to box up items to get them out of the way, and let the magic happen. After all was said and done, these said items never got back, and things just started to mount up. With working full time, kids being active, and what seems like not enough hours in the day, one could definitely see how this could happen, right? That’s where I come in!

Here we have the beginnings…..

Now, they can actually EAT at the table. (Used to be a catch all spot)
Did I forget to mention that she is also a Troop Mom? (See all of those cookies back there?) Just busy!
The kitchen is the heart of the home, and you should be able to love being in it.

There was quite a bit to get rid of, and her daughter was too cute. She and I tag teamed and would ask Mom what we were doing about certain items, and if she took too long to answer, it would go in the “Throw Away” pile. After awhile of this, she just started saying to us stuff like, “So rude”, and “Ya’ll are just haters!” Hilarious! She knew we were right, and didn’t fight us, as a lot of this stuff she hadn’t even laid eyes on in over a year.

The whole time I was there, her daughter was talking about working on her room, but didn’t want me to see it. By the time we were almost done, and she was ecstatic about our progress, she asked me if I could give her some tips. (Adorable) I walked in, and as I had anticipated, being a mother of teenagers, it was a whirlwind of, you guessed it, CLOTHES! I told her what I thought, and challenged her to get at it ASAP, while the adrenaline was still pumping. She said she would, and as I walked out he door, she said, “Mrs. Kellie, I am going to send you some pictures tonight when I am done!” Ya’ll, she did that! I was so proud. Let’s just hope it sticks.

Words from my client:

My house was cluttered and I was overwhelmed… Kellie completely helped to transform my kitchen, laundry room and living room. Kellie helped transform my cluttered mess into an enjoyable, peaceful living space. My daughter and I enjoyed working with Kellie. She accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. Kellie is a pro and has a keen eye for organization.

She offered tips along the way that has me excited about my next project. My pre-teen daughter was even more excited that she immediately took the tips and started on her room… thanks to Be About It we broke clutter curses this past weekend and I’m so grateful.

I love it!

Friends, if you are in need of some assistance because you are living in a world of chaos, please do not hesitate to reach out and book a FREE call to see how I can help you. We can decide from there how YOU would like to proceed. Remember, Don’t just talk about it. BE about it!

Be Blessed,


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