What Has Been Making Me Happy This Week…

Good Friday Morning, Friends!

I am elated that we have made it to Friday, because this week seems like it lasted 93 days!

I do have a wonderful Praise Report to share. I believe in an earlier post, I spoke on my baby girl, Drew, having some major struggles in the behavior department. Just about everyday, she would come home with color coded conduct marks with various issues. I am going to be very transparent in this post, as I as her mother, have had some MAJOR issues with her behavior issues. Where to begin?

I am going to start out by saying that I do not claim to be perfect, as I have many a flaw, but what I will say, is that I love my children. With that being said, I have struggled with how to show her love, when I am constantly having to discipline her for bad behavior, and I feel like I am always mad at her. That is most definitely not the relationship that a mother and child should have. I am already not a cuddly, mushy type of lady, so just imagine what that is like for the two of us. Absolutely no frills!

Just in case you are wondering as to what type of behaviors, let’s just say, we should know better, and we need to tend to our own business, and not be worrying about others.

So I give you all of this background, only to bring you to this. I had a deep, outpouring & distressed conversation with my good friend Yolanda, and she really got me to thinking. We are both a little “older” mothers of younger children, so we have this EXTRA bond where children are concerned. This particular evening, she asked had I had her “tested.” Maybe there is something there that needs help? Maybe she is having some internal struggles?

So, the following week, I began to make some phone calls, and after speaking with the school counselor, I scheduled an appointment with our Pediatrician for the following week. Drew’s teachers, the counselor, & the Dr. were all involved in the process, and then she received a diagnosis of ADHD. While it wasn’t what I’d wanted to hear, I felt better knowing that we now know.

Damon & I have always said that we weren’t down for “doping” our kids, but in talking with a few people, a few people who have kids with the same issues, it was brought up that we give our kids medicine when they have a cough or stomachache. If this is something that their brain needs, then what is the difference? After the prescription was written, I vowed that I would be Mama Medicine Vigilante, and watch over her like a hawk!

Ya’ll! The 1st day I sent her to school on this medicine, I cried all the way to work. I felt like I was throwing my baby to the wolves. I wouldn’t be able to watch her like I said I would, and I felt totally helpless.

Drew is our baby of the bunch, and it shows. The girl said she is going to be a princess when she grows up…

A little Giggle…We never had a conversation with her about all of this, only what she overheard at the Dr’s. office. When I picked her up from daycare, you know, the day I cried all the way to work, she bounced over to me and our conversation went like this:

Drew: “MAMA! I think that medicine worked a little bit!”

Me: “How so, Girl?”

Drew: With her head cocked to one side “NORMALLY, I crawl under the table and get crayons that aren’t mine…..I didn’t even do that today!”

I died! That was the funniest thing that I had ever heard come out of her mouth! I was worried for nothing. That little girl is precious, and she recognized a change in herself. I don’t care if it is all a mental thing, she realized that something was different. She wanted to be different.

She doesn’t seemed to have missed a beat anywhere, and I am still able to be Mama Medicine Vigilante on weekends. Just to make sure she is not droopy or anything, but I am astounded at her progress with being more present during her school days, AND she has even received a few “Outstanding” marks in her conduct folder.

I know she is still a 6 year old kid, and we are not out of the woods on the foolishness, but I truly love where we are headed. My baby girl was struggling, and I am sure she did not know why. We were able to get her some help, and we are all the better for it. Thank the Lord for His guidance and for inserting the people into my life to have those conversations with. We are getting things on track. In Jesus’ name…

I have prayed over the writing of this post, as I am often reluctant to share my inner most thoughts.

Be Blessed,


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