Priming Lately….

Hey there! I pray you all are having a great start to your day, and thanks for stopping by. I just wanted to share with you a few things that I have Amazon “Primed”, lately. Take a gander if you will…

CUSHIONAIRE Women’s Hart Hidden Wedge Sneakers

Now, I have been wanting a pair of these sneakers for quite some time. I would see them in the stores, but sadly, due to my humongous feet, I can never find my size. I usually have to buy my shoes online, because most stores can’t keep size 11s in stock. Sad, huh? Its also sad, that a lot of times, I have to send them back because they don’t work for me. Shoes appear a whole lot cuter when they are in a little dainty size 7. TRAGIC!

Conair Double Ceramic 1 Inch Curling Iron-White & Rose Gold

Funny story on this one. I had a curling iron before that required me to reconnect the tip a few times with Gorilla glue. Damon kept telling me that it wasn’t going to stay, and to just get another one. I was determined to hang on to my beloved curling iron, but alas, the other day, in mid curl, a spring popped out….while Damon was in there with me. The fact that he was in there just got on my nerves! Yes, he made me throw it away on the spot! (Well, after it cooled off). This one is not near as good as the one I had, but it will do for now. 

Tenby Living 2-Pack Black Tie Rack/Organizer/Hanger/ Holder 

This purchase right here truly sums up why Amazon Prime is the bomb! As you all know, I am a Professional, (yeah, I said Professional with a capital P) Organizer. Deep in the throws of organizing our closet this particular evening, I discovered that Damon did not have a system to hang his ties. I pulled out my phone, found this little gadget, ordered it, and had it the very next day! Guys, this came during the second leg of my process. It did not hold me up one bit! I finished everything that I needed to do, without ever having to leave my house! #winning

Brother P-touch, PTD210- Easy-to-Use Label Maker

I shared my Geeky-ness on Facebook about this purchase. I am about to go “label cray cray”, and I don’t care who knows it!

What are some things that you guys have been Prime-ing lately? I see the trucks coming and going all over. Share a few of your favorites with us!


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