Meal Kits….

Hey, Y’all! I just wanted to share something I found to be pretty cool. I have always been intrigued by the whole meal kit craze that I had been seeing advertised everywhere. There are a bunch out there, and unfortunately, no one is paying me to push their brand, (Maybe I need to look into that.) so I won’t necessarily recommend one over the other, but I say all of that to tell you that I took the plunge after a very generous promo code was given, (thank you Imagined Life podcast) and bought a 3 meal a week plan.

Y’all, for what I paid, promotion taken into account, I am getting 3 meals to feed my family of 5, for less than a grocery store trip. Just put it this way, if we all 5 went to a sit down restaurant, we would have spent well over that and eaten just once. Now, I am not saying that this is something that I have to have, but I did want to try it out, and I will say it did not disappoint. There is also no commitment, so you can cancel anytime…

Another really great take away from this was that Damon and I prepped the meal together, while the kids chatted us up. Don’t get me wrong, this is not our first time for us to collaborate in the kitchen by an means, but we felt all gourmet and thangs! Chopping and following a fancy recipe. What I really dug about it, is that they send you EVERYTHING you need. That is one of the main reasons that I don’t really like to recipe cook. You buy certain things for a specific recipe, and use it one time. Or you have to search for it, in the store (which turned me on to grocery ordering), and end up doing aisle laps. I am not about that life…AT ALL.

This is what we ended up with, and it was really good!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pork-and-veggie-bibimbap-72982e4d.jpg
Pork and Veggie Bibimbap
with Mushrooms, Carrots & Jasmine Rice

If you have been toying around with the thought of purchasing a meal kit, I say go for it. There is no commitment, and if there are fewer people in your house to cook for, then it will be even cheaper. I am not saying that this is going to be a staple in my house, as I could just go grocery shopping, but the experience is just something a little different, and as a whole, another memory to share…us chopping, prepping, & cooking as a family. We even had Google play us some Smooth Jazz. I am excited about tonight’s meal…

What are some of your thoughts? I’d love to her from you.



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