I’m Back….I think!

Hey! Hey!

It seems like forever since my last blog post. Hmmmmm, let’s see… at least a good six months. Man! Has the world completely turned upside down?

I will share this. Back in late April, I had it. The dreaded Covid 19. For those of you that knew and prayed with me and for me, they were most definitely felt. It was a pretty scary time with not knowing how sick I would get, or the toll it would take on both me and my household, but the good Lord saw me through. Saw us all through. Thankfully, no one else got sick, at least not that we know of, and the best friends and family saw to it that we didn’t skip a beat! My husband took great care of me, and my kids saw to it that I didn’t have to worry about anything. Thank you Jesus for your blessings up in my house!

Fast forward to present day, and things are still crazy! We are now virtually learning, so Mama is now working from home, monitoring an 11th & 7th grader’s online learning, facilitating a 2nd grader’s two live zoom classes a day, along with helping with the class work that follows, not to mention holding down the fort everyday!

Here are just a few glimpses into what we’ve got going on in the day…

Acting like she is learning something….
Virtual Learner Yoga for P.E.
She GETS it! I don’t have to worry about this girl.
Now, the one in the back fake reading…???
Drives me insane, but gotta love him.
After 5 full weeks, we got a “Day Off” with no school, so I decided I needed a ZEN office space for the day. It was very relaxing and helped me to get a bunch of work pumped out.
(Excuse the iron in the background. Pressing out Fall linens over the weekend)
We had to put him out of our space, so he decided he needed to eat a giant bowl of cereal.

Well, Friends. It felt good to get back into sharing with you all. The plan is to be back on Thursday with some god stuff, so have a Blessed Day!

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