This Social Media Thang…

Hey! Hey again! Twice in the same week. Get it, Girl!

So I said I’d be back with some goodies, so here I am. A good old friend of mine and I reconnected a little while back, and when I say old friend, I’m talking Sunday School class & VBS! That’s how WAY BACK we’re talking!

Anitra is an Insta Influencer with a following @frugalyetfab, and is sharing her FABULOUS finds with the world. You all know me, and know that I am always on the hunt for an amazing deal, so of course, I was immediately drawn to her posts.

We got to talking and decided that we were going to collaborate and introduce our first challenge. We shall call it……”The Head To Toe” challenge. We will each have $35, 1 day, & only the 3 stores we’ve picked ahead of time to shop at. We will be dressing ourselves from Head to Toe, (see what I did there?) and can add nothing that we already own, outside of underwear & socks!

Looking so sweet & innocent…

Well, I hate to do this to you Anitra, (not really) but you are about to go down! This is totally in my wheel house…what I was born for… so I guess you can say that the trash talking starts now!

How I’m going to celebrate after my victory!

OK, so back to the real reason for this post. You All! Why don’t you grab your BFF, pick 3 stores, and put your strategy together. The plan is to get our “Shop On” on the morning of October 3rd, separately, and come together that evening to model our finds, and will post to IG with a hashtag, so stay tuned.

We will continue our build up battle on Instagram, so you will be able to join in on our fun! Don’t worry, we we really are fiends. No Friendships will be harmed during this challenge. Ha!

Follow us: @kelliedidwhat & @frugalyetfab

I’ll see you all over on Insta!

Be Blessed,


Don’t just talk about it, BE about it!

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