Good Morning, Friends!

Its been quite awhile, and there has been one particular post that has been on my heart for quite some time. As I am sure everyone is full aware of what a tough year 2020 was, but my biggest loss came when Jesus called my sweet Grandma home.

4 Generations
I am sure she was telling a funny joke in this picture. She really thought she was a comedienne.
I know she was “tickling” herself right here! She had the cutest shoulder jIggle when she laughed. We used to mess with her about it, and she would say, “Do I do that?” and would get right back to it.
Always so happy and smiling! Was such a beautiful soul.
The Grands
Grandma’s Favorite place to be. Church and with her Robin.

Doris Elizabeth Fontenot was the absolute best Grandmother this girl could’ve ever asked for. She lived to be 89 glorious years old, and has only seen a hospital to birth her 5 babies. I had the pleasure of having a Grandma for 42 years, and my oldest daughter had a Great-Grandmother for 23! How awesome is that???

My mother is the only daughter that she had, so naturally, my brothers and I were a bit closer to her. I remember a year that the roads were icy on Christmas Eve, and my Mama didn’t really want to risk the trip to Waco that evening after she got off work. I am guessing she told Grandma this, and before dark, my Grandma & my uncle Tony showed up at our house with gifts and the whole Christmas dinner….already cooked! AH-Mazing!

Grandma had a way of making everyone feel so special…like you were the only one. That was just one of the amazing qualities she had, but she was definitely spectacular in so many ways! Man, I miss her….

I made this for her when I was in the 5th grade. She had a curio cabinet full of her “treasures”.
Grandma bought this bear for Kamren when she was 2 years old. She is now 23 and cherishes “Kammie”, as they named her. The two of them had quite the relationship.
Grandma & I headed to church. That rabbit coat is SHARP!
Look at Tony back there hatin’. LOL!

Speaking of Tony, he and my husband had a little battle going for the longest. Damon thought that when he came along, he could “replace” Tony in my Grandma’s eyes. I laugh as I type this, because we all know that the baby boy can NEVER be replaced in Mama’s eyes, right? See, I always fancied myself as the favorite grandchild, and while Tony is not that much older than me, we grew up more like brother and sister, than uncle & niece. He was still living at home when I was spending those summer days and whatnot with my Grandma. I say all of that to say, that Damon would always sweet talk her into making him cookies when we went to visit. She normally had all of the ingredients on hand, but whatever she didn’t have, Damon was always willing to go to the store and pick up whatever she needed. Well, Tony use to be the cookie recipient until Damon was in the picture, and of course, in true Damon fashion, he had to rub it in! Every time she made them for him, he would take a picture while eating one, and send it to Tony! (Even though Grandma was in the background bagging up cookies to save & freeze for Tony. Ha!) We went back & forth on that for years. The greatest thing about it all, was that it didn’t matter who her “favorite” was, because she made us all feel like her favorite. She was so amazing in that. I don’t know how she managed to pull that off.

My Mama brought the “famous” cookbook to Damon, and we made her cookies. we tear up every time we go to that page with all of the stains from her fingers, and the tape that holds it together.

I miss you Grandma. Damon, Kamren, Donovan, Kori & Drew miss you. Until we are together again…..

4 thoughts on “Good Morning, Friends!”

  1. Kellie this made me tear up because I could see/hear her! I’ll always remember the good times I had with her. She and John were the best! I’ll never forget the good ole days.

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