Top 5…

It’s Thursday, Ya’ll! One more day till the weekend. I decided that since my last post was quite sad, (I struggled to write through my tears) I was going to be light this go around. So, settle in, and let’s talk about my Top 5 for the week!

Top 5 Graphics Processing Units of the Year 2013

#1. A getaway with my Boo!- My little girls have a weekend away scheduled with their older sister, so I will be sure to take advantage of that. Damon & I have what we call “Why Not Day” where we just go wherever, and try all kinds of different foods. Why not? We’ll plan it to be semi local, but we love a chance to be GROWN ON OUR OWN!

#2. Bible Study– My good friend Yolanda and I are currently into this study, “It’s All Under Control” by Jennifer Dukes Lee. Yo and I were chatting the other day, and I asked her was she actually writing in her workbook. She said that she was, and when I expressed that I was struggling to do so, because I wasn’t all to keen on “chronicling my downfalls”, this woman told me to use invisible ink, but get to writing. She is a trip!

It is a six week study, and our intent is to meet every 2 weeks during, to discuss. This meme inspired our next outing…

#3. The “Boy” has a LICENSE! Ya’ll! He is official. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I won’t still be a worried wreck, but he can now get himself to all of his own stuff and we no longer have to be Donovan’s Chauffeur/Adult Passenger.

#4. BRIDGERTON– That is all I am going to say…Oh, and WATCH IT! It will not disappoint.

The Bridgerton Series | Julia Quinn | Author of Historical Romance Novels

#5. My Husband-He is a favorite on any given day, but I just want to shout him out. He works so hard for us and takes really good care of me. When we first met, he told me that he always wanted 3 daughters. Why? I have no idea. I never even dreamed that would be my reality, but God saw to it that Damon got his wish. Not sure he really knew what he was asking, but he got it. He is a great Girl Daddy, and he likes the “Boy” a little, too. LOL! God has truly Blessed us with this man. I love you, Boo.

Well, Folks! This is where I am going to wrap it up for today. Until next time.

Be Blessed,


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