Be About It Thursday

Good Thursday Morning, Good People!

Today is Thursday, and we’re almost to the weekend, so I thought that for my Weekend Warriors, I would share an organizational project/idea with you all. This is something I plan to do every week, so be ready. You’ll have this evening and Friday to prep, then bust it out on Saturday or Sunday. Well, let’s say Saturday, because Sunday is FOOTBALL!!! Sound like a plan? Let’s go!

This was one of my simplest, yet most popular projects to date. I purchased some command hooks and bins from the Dollar Tree (Now Dollar Twenty-five Tree 😆) and started condensing and throwing out/giving away old or unused items. It took me less than 30 minutes and $10. That’s it. Sweet & Simple!

One of my absolute favorite things to have happen, is when I inspire a clean out. I had a client send me the above pictures documenting her pantry purge. From her emptying eveything out so she could start from scratch, to her actual shopping trip for supplies. She texted me with questions along the way, and was excited to report that she was able to clear out all expired nonsense, and condense some items that were taking up space. #Getitgirl

Do you have any areas you need to tackle, and just need a little guidance from an Organizing Professional like myself? Please feel free to reach out to me. We can chat for a few minutes, or you can book me for one hour increments. This is something that I am truly passionate about, and I would love to help you love your space again.

Until next time!

Don’t just talk about it…BE About It!



2 thoughts on “Be About It Thursday”

  1. That looks so satisfying! I need to find the dollar(25) tree that has those containers for food. The ones near me do not. Any suggestions? I’m in Duncanville Texas.


    1. It is, Tijuana! Just something about getting things in order. That particular store was in Cedar Hill. The Waxahachie location has always been good to me. Send me some pics when you get it done! 😉


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