It’s Friday!

Its Friday, Yall! I don’t know about you, but this weekend is calling my name! After last week’s Winter Blast, and this entire week being beautiful, I am ready to do some outside hangin’!

This sign I saw online really tickled me! #typicaltexas

Am I right???

One of the things that’s got me excited about the weekend is the Superbowl & the Halftime show. I mean, Dr. Dre, Snoop, Eminem, MJB? I am a huge football fan, but an even bigger fan of nostalgia. I know they are about to “Bring It” on Sunday!


My Four-Legged Chirren Chronicles: So, as you can see, Nugget is not all to pleased with her brother invading her space. (That is her side of the Crib) I guess Boogie forgot to ask for permission to cuddle. All he knows is it was cold outside. #snugglewather

Not allowed in the kitchen, so the camp out spot is at the VERY edge. #always begging #pretendstobesenile

Sweet Little Buttercup. Have you ever been in the company of a guinea pig? I NEVER thought I would be, because 1. Eeewww, and 2. They are rat-like, but I must admit, Buttercup is pretty sweet. Kori takes great care of her, and they seem to have quite the little bond. When she talks to her, I swear she is talking back!

Well folks, that was a bit random, but it’s all I’ve got for this Friday. Until next time.

Be Blessed,


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