Cuteness Overload

Good Morning! I pray you all have had a great weekend, and if you had President’s Day off, I hope you got some much needed rest in. I know I did!

Today’s post is super sweet, because I get to share my brand new baby nephew with you all. My sweet SIL sent me the newborn photo shoot photos……and BE STILL MY ❤️! To my little blog family, I introduce to you, Stanley “Lee” David!

Is he not the most precious little nugget? He is the first born of my “Baby” brother, who lives in NC. I can’t wait to get to hold and snuggle him. My mom was fortunate/able to get to go out and spend a couple of weeks when he was first born, (#grandmalife) but Auntie has, ya know, a pesky job and a whole bunch of folks in her house to see to, so I have to wait a little while. 😆

Ya’ll! Look at that caption! My SIL texted me, “He said he loves you already.” Awww! Auntie will see you soon, Sweetie Pie!

Until next time…

Blessings, Kellie

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