Bible Study

Good Monday Morning!

This past weekend, I was blessed to be able to spend time away with my husband and ALL of my children. It was great to be together, but there were also some difficult times. Just because we were on a “vacation” of sorts, doesn’t mean everything will go smoothly. Sibling spats still happen, a bit of fussing & bickering still go on, & unfortunately, parenting still has to be done. Now, I’m sure, you all know exactly what I mean, and I know some of you are nodding in agreement right now.

Social media has us believing that people are out there, living their best lives without a care in the world, and some maybe are, and that’s great, but let’s be real, Mamas…. it be hard out there sometimes.

Out there….Alone!

I say all that to say, sometimes, we need a bit of guidance from The Good Book! The BIBLE! Remember that song you sang in VBS? ” B I B L E, Yes! That’s the book for me!” I remember myself so vividly, sitting in the front pew at Hood Street Church, getting ready to go upfront and sing with my class, “Father Abraham, had many sons, and many sons had Faaaather Abraham….” Oh, the good ole carefree days! 😆

Ok, so now I’m “squirrel’ing” (done got distracted by nostalgia)

I had been wanting and seeking a way of submerging myself in His word, and wanted to have some girlfriends of mine join me, so I started a virtual Bible study in order to do just that. A group of ladies that could help hold each other accountable for digging deeper in order to grow closer to Him. Give yourself the opportunity to have that quiet time in the word daily with everything already laid out for you. Do you want to join us? Do you need that PUSH, that JUMPSTART to get you going? I’d love to have you, and who knows, if you’re local, there may be opportunities to meet up in person from time to time. There’s always a reason to eat or have coffee, right?

If you are in fact interested, leave me a comment below, or reach out to me via Facebook or Instagram. Be Blessed, and remember what I always say, “Don’t just talk about it, Be about it!”

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