Hey! Hey!

Good Morning, World! I pray your day is off to a fantabulous start! I’m just dropping in today to share a little bit of what I’ve been up to, and some things I’m hoping to get into, so let’s begin.

These days have been filled with alot of cleaning, organizing, & purging. I’ve moved into a new office space within my house, so there has been some, shall I say, rearranging of alot of things. I’ve also taken to, “making old things new.” Let me explain….

Whilst I was purging my unwanted/unused things, I decided to put some of them on a few Marketplace sites. As I was doing this, I would see things that I felt would be nice additions to my office space, but weren’t really the right patterns or color schemes. I needed to make it all make sense, without cramming a bunch of stuff in my office, especially with it also tripling as my guest bedroom, and my crafting space.

I was already repurposing a few pieces that I already owned, but really wanted a more put together look, hence the journey…

I knew what I wanted, but just had to budget what I wanted to spend, then search out what I was looking for. Mama and I decided to take a little thrift store detour after I picked her up from the airport early one Saturday morning, and there, my first find was this chair.

So, you are either saying, “It’s gorgeous as is.”, or “Eeewwww! That pattern is hideous! Flowers? Really?” I was kind of perplexed. I liked the chair as is, but it has absolutely NO place in my house. I was after it for my office, and nothing in there is of a Flower Power persuasion, so I knew I had to fix that. I wasn’t in any rush, but I did immediately take to getting the chair cleaned up, since I had no idea of its origin. Afterwards, I scouted online for some fabric ideas, but I knew I’d end up having to go “in-store” for my final selection.

After about a week or so, I took some time to peruse one of my favorite stores. I know you already know….Hobby Lobby. I of course found what I was looking for, and had to guess at how much I may need. (Of course I didn’t measure anything. Smh)

TADAAAA! I got immediately to work with my scissors and my handy dandy staple gun. I pulled, and tacked, and creased, and cut, and felt pretty good about the results.

Now, I did say this was my first find, but not the first completed project. In between the find and the fabric selection, I bought this little treasure at an estate sale…

I knew exactly what I wanted to do with this. Like I said earlier, I had repurposed some pieces from other areas of my house, and had a little book shelf and an odd little table where my coffee maker barely fit. I wanted this to replace both, and look more uniform with what was already in the room. Ready to see what I did with it???


I know what you are saying, “Kellie, we’ve already seen your posts online”, BUT, you didn’t know the stories behind them, so I thought I’d share. You’re welcome!😆 🤣

So, that has been a little of what I’ve been doing on my last couple of weekends, amongst a few other things that I’ll be sharing soon, so be sure to come back.

Here’s a sneak peak at an upcoming creation.

Praying you have a great week full of blessings, and remember, Don’t just talk about it, BE about it!


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