Good Morning!

Today is a very special occasion. Me and this man celebrate 20 years if marriage!

My Ace

We literally got married as babies, and learned how to be full on grown ups together. We’ve been through alot of all kinds of things together, and I full well know that that’s what God intended.

We share 4 children together, and he is a GREAT father! He does A LOT of talking to them. You know, “Life Lessons”? He’ll be rewarded every once in awhile with a, “Daddy, you were right.”, or an overheard conversation with one of them using a “daddyism” while talking to one of the others.

They each have a little bit of the both of us wrapped up in them. Sometimes, when we we’re all together, we sit around reminiscing on some of the crazy stuff that we’ve all done in the past, and they always tend to get a little EXTRA rowdy when it comes to talking about the old “Parentals”. It’s ok though. One day, they’ll be in our shoes. Oh, just to be a fly on the wall!

Love Letter to my Boo:

Damon, you are my best friend, my confidante, my “coach”, my counsel, and sometimes my, “Don’t you do/say that” Advisor. You love with your whole heart, would give the shirt off your back, are patient & kind, and thank God, you love me always. I wouldn’t trade the last 20+ years with you, and I look forward to a hundred more! Happy 20th Anniversary to one of my biggest blessings! I love you, Damon. #whentwoheartssing

❤️ Kellie

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