What a week….

Hey there, Friends! I’m back. A day later than I’d hoped, but I am here. Last week was definitely a doozie! One of those that only a glass of wine at the end of the week can revive you from. (A BIG glass of wine….)

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I am excited to share that my sweet little nephew FINALLY made his way into the world! He was 9 days late! NINE….WHOLE…DAYS! In there living his best life! Look at that little face ya’ll…I just want to inhale all of that sweet baby goodness.

Meet Nicholas Avery

Okay everybody. Remember last week when I told you I had my first paying gig for Be About it Organizing??? Well, it happened, and I LOVED IT! I was able to get right in there and do my thing. My client was super engaged and was taking notes and everything. I helped her get one of her concerned areas in order while I was there, and I even gave her homework to do. We scheduled an appointment for me to go back and we will together tackle her MAIN living areas.

Shout out to Kamren, who hooked her Mama up with this logo…

We are not completely done in there, but we were able to organize the existing chaos and devise a plan. When all was said and done, I was beyond pumped about this new journey that I have begun.

There is no reason that you shouldn’t be proud of your home, and if you are struggling with this, I want to help.

Do you find that you want to:

  • Feel peaceful in your home and for your mind to be at rest
  • Be free of clutter…just what you use and love.
  • Have people over more.
  • Love being in your home
  • Not leave a burden for your kids or others to deal with.
  • Want all of your important documents in place.
  • To free your brain to focus on your goals.
  • Want to be an example and teach your kids how to be organized.
  • Stop wasting money – buying duplicates, buying organizing supplies that you never use, get returns taken back.
  • To waste less time…find things when you want them

If any of this sounds like you, and you are ready to make a change, please leave me your name and email in the comments. I will be choosing 1 lucky person to receive a FREE In-Home Consultation with ME!

Until next time…

Be Blessed,


1 Corinthians 14:40 But all things must be done properly and in an orderly manner.

Be About It Organizing Part 2…

Happy Freakin’ Wednesday, Ya’ll!

I told you I’d be back to share a few more handy dandy tips on how to keep house out of utter chaos. I know that everyone is not cut from the same cloth as I am, and that’s o.k. God did that on purpose. If being and staying organized is not your strong suit, I am here to help you work on said suit. A theoretical Sewing Class, if you will. (Lori, I know I can’t sew. Leave me alone…)

Let’s start with something that has been a blessing to my life. Whoever came up with this idea needs a gold star or two or three. The wonderful world of the GROCERY PICK UP! I don’t care who in the heck you use to make this a staple, but you need to use it. Where it does me the most good is in two areas.

1.) When I need specific items for a meal/meals that I am preparing. That is one reason that I don’t do a lot of recipe cooking. When it calls for those danggone ingredients that you have no idea where to even find them in the store….oooooh, that gets on my last nerve. I always feel like I am just wandering in circles, and it takes me way longer in the store. Not a fan.

2.) For when planning a party or some type of outing, like camping. I took the lead on a camping retreat, and about a week leading up to the day, I had been building a cart with all of our necessities. As things came to me, I just dropped them in, and was able to schedule my pick up on the way to my destination. That made me not have to unload but one time. Glorious, I tell you! Just Glorious!

The next thing that I want to help you with is, Bathroom Cabinet Organization. YAY!

The best tip that I can share with you is to categorize. You don’t necessarily need to go purchase anything, but I have picked up these little baskets at the Dollar Tree,

View Large Rectangular Slotted Plastic Storage

which is by the way, my 1st stop when purchasing supplies, and I group all things as listed below:

  1. Daily Use items: Deodorant, face wash, perfume, lotion
  2. Hair Care Products
  3. Extras not in use: Soap, Toothpaste, cotton balls, q-tips, etc.
  4. Cleaning supplies

For the stuff that I use everyday, I keep it right at the front, and just slide the basket out in order to access what I need and put it all back. This way, you keep the top clutter free, and have your necessities at your disposal. I live by the rule of, “Everything has a place.” Say what you will, but it does…. WORD!

That’s all for today, but I’m not done. Until next time, be Blessed.


Be About It Organizing….

Hey, Y’all! It’s almost that time!

I have been working and preparing to go full swing with Be About It Organizing. I’ve got my first “paying” client all set up for this month, and will be sharing her transformation in later posts. I am so excited to be on my way to doing something that I truly enjoy and feel that I was born to do.

I wanted to share a few tried & true tips & tricks that I use to stay on top of my organizing game. Let’s take a gander…

Do you get totally overwhelmed with the dreaded “L” word? That’s right. LAUNDRY!

Image result for overflowing laundry meme

I was chatting with a friend the other day, and she said that she is so tired of her Saturdays being taken over by all things laundry. Is this you? Well, let me tell you what I do. On maybe two mornings during the week, I go to grab a towel out of my master bathroom linen closet, and notice that my hamper is full. I then say to myself, “Self, let’s go ahead and get those clothes sorted.” Before I do that, I turn on my shower water, and by the time it is good and warm, I am done sorting! Boom! After showering and dressing, I run to drop said clothes into the washer and get them started. It takes me all of MAYBE 3 minutes? Then it’s back to getting myself ready to head out the door! Handled like a BOSS! When you get home, and before starting dinner, just be sure to transfer them on over to the dryer, or better yet, get a kid to do it!

Getting a kid to do it leads me to my next tip. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASSIGN CHORES TO THE KIDS! They are living under your roof rent free. It’s the least they can do!

My kids were with Grandma for a week over the holidays, and when they got back, my 16 year old son said, “I’m glad to be back home. I needed some structure.” Isn’t that hilarious? He said that he felt out of whack without his Daddy telling him, “Son, I need my truck washed.” “Son, my yard needs to be mowed.” You know, when you are at Grandma’s, you are chilling’ at Grandma’s. Grandma never MAKES you do anything!

Each of my three, still at home kids, are responsible for something in our house. All the way down to my 6 year old who empties all wastebaskets, dusts, & feeds the little dogs. Trust that you are raising a great human when they have responsibilities. You should never worry about feeling like Lady Tremaine, (AKA, Cinderella’s Wicked Stepmother) They will appreciate “The Structure”.

I just wanted to give you all a little peak into a few of the things that I do to keep from suffering from overload at the White House. Stay tuned later in the week for a few more tidbits.

Be Blessed,


Luke 11:25 – And when he cometh, he findeth [it] swept and garnished.

What’s Been Making Me Happy This Week….

Hey, Y’all!

This last week has been cray. With the holidays, and short work weeks, I haven’t known what day it was since December 21st! With that being said, it was really hard to get back in the swing of things yesterday. UGH to you work! #ifonlyididn’tneedmoneytolive

The kids went to spend time with Grandma right after Christmas, which meant that this Guy, and I got to spend our QT together for a few days…

We had plans to go out of town for a few days, but the lazy morning vacation mode got the better of us. We were the true poster children for “Staycation”. We binged a few TV shows, ate all kinds of different foods, and vegged for 4 days. It was GREAT! We did get out one day and did a little bowling. We quickly realized that when you get older, and are not very active with those particular muscles, it can get a little “creaky” in the shoulder & wrist areas.

My sweet babies did make it back home on Wednesday, and we were back to being responsible adults. I must admit, I did miss my rugrats.

We are going to wrap up this week with a little prep work for getting back in the full swing of work and school. Hair, clothes, lunchbox cleaning….you know how it is.

All in all, my PEOPLE have made me happy this week. I am looking forward to the new year, the new memories we will create, and the adventures we will go on in 2020.

Be Blessed,


For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  Jeremiah 29:11

A Little Grumble: We were SUPPOSED to have us a baby on the last day of 2019, but alas, he would rather wait until 2020. His Momma is miserable, and his Daddy is anxious. Stay tuned….#mynephewalreadyneedsawhoopin

Happiest of New Years!

Hello there, World!

I know I have been missing for quite some time, but trust that you all have been on my mind, and my wheels have been turning. I’ve been working on business plans, grappling with some emotional stuff, and debating on if and when I want to share those. I am not going to say that I had a rough 2019, because I really did not, and have been beyond blessed. But for the new year, I am planning to step my game up on a few levels, so get ready to see your girl on FIYA, coming soon!

Image result for new year 2020 pictures

I will be sharing some “Giggles”, some family stories, fun tips & tricks, and even some giveaways! I am soooo looking forward to this New Year and seeing what it has in store, and I am geeked to share it with all of you!

I’m not planning to just talk about it, I’m going to BE about it! You coming with me???



Friendsgiving 2019….

Hey there, Folks! I pray that this Thursday finds you all well. The good Lord has blessed us with yet another day!

I wanted to share just a little glimpse into my Tuesday night….

Friendsgiving 2019

Our Girl, Lisa Jackson (featured standing dead center, in the pink) set us up for this annual gathering, 3 years ago. Even though there were quite a few that weren’t able to be there, and we know that it is just “like that” sometimes, we are all in agreement that this will definitely be something that we will keep up. I had someone ask me the other day, after I told them my plans for the evening, “What are you cooking to take for you guy’s Friendsgiving gathering?” After shooting her a lethal gasp of a gaze, I said, “Nothing! Ain’t nobody got time for that!” None of us want to be cooking, lugging, or washing dishes. We just want to be together, laugh, catch up, eat, and go home with MAYBE a to-go box. We have eternity to cook & clean, but not on THIS night!

Jacobo does NOT know how to take a picture.
Gotta watch out for this one! Trouble with a capital T!

We have plans for a Christmas get together in a few weeks at the home of one of our crew that was unable to make this one. That will be sure to be a great time as well, and of course, there will be pictures.


What is a tradition that you have with friends/family?

A little giggle for you….

(I know these pictures are a little dark, but hopefully you get the gist.)

Every week, we clean out the dog’s kennels. Take out the bedding, sweep them out, etc. Kori decided that she would get at it this time, and you will see…the little dogs were all up in her business! Nugget, (pink collar) is already bad about having no boundaries. Smh. But what was funny to see after I took these pictures, is that Boogie (green collar) is there, but kind of looking off. Not all too concerned in the picture on the right….until Kori goes to his side. Look at him. He has got his whole head all under her armpit as if he is thinking, 1). “Maybe she can help me find my lost…”, or 2). “I hope she doesn’t find my stash.” LOL! It’s crazy how possessive dogs can be about their stuff, I tell ya. These dogs of mine provide me with so much comic relief.

Until next time.

Be a Blessing,


Christmas Time…..

Image result for decorating for christmas too early memes

Hey there!

At this time of year, I get quite a few folks that 100% disagree with my feelings on this. I am constantly getting tagged on FB or IG with memes like the one above. I mean seriously people. I LOVE Thanksgiving and enjoy the celebration of it all, so let’s do that….minus the Christmas decorations! Leave your pumpkins, gourds, and Fall stuff out, and just take down all other things Halloween. You’ve only got a few weeks, and THEN you can pull out the Christmas, and we can then give Christmas the full 30 days that are intended for it. I am by no means a Scrooge, and I truly enjoy beautifying my home and myself for the holidays, but folks….there comes the time, and that time is the 4th Friday of November…not the 1st of November!

I am just going to leave that right there. I know I am not the only one…




Happy Tuesday, Everybody! I know….I know. It’s been ages since my last post. Just hadn’t really been feeling it. Annnny whoooo…. I am back, and have a few tidbits for you all. We have had a few celebrations since the last time I shared. My two oldest children had birthdays. October 20th was my one and only son’s 16th birthday, and November 1st, my Day 1 turned 22!

Each of them had a different celebration, and each of those celebrations had me in my feelings. I know everybody says this exact thing when their child gets a year older, but seriously, where did the years go? I definitely remember them being babies, and it seems like only yesterday. Crazy, huh?

Another AH-MAZING development on the horizon, is the future arrival of Baby Nicholas! We are sooo ready for him to be here, and I will be a brand new Auntie! This will be a first for me from my siblings, with me being so much older than them (ugh!) I say all the time that I want Damon & I to be the Aunt & Uncle that he loses his mind over when he sees us. “AUNTIE KELLIEEEEEEEEE!” and runs to jump in my arms. I can already hear his tiny little voice. I have been hinting to my SIL to purchase me a “My Auntie is Better Than Yours”, Hoodie. We’ll see come Christmas….

This is just a little giggle for you……

So, I’ve got a bunch of kids, therefore I’ve got a bunch of laundry…..always. I asked that big one back there to get the clothes out of the dryer. As she is coming around the corner with the basket, I hear her tell the little one, “Girl! Get up there and get us some hangers. We need to go’n and get these clothes handled.” #thatskelliesbaby

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

See ya’ll tomorrow….



This Texas Weather….

Happy Tuesday, All!

When I saw this meme, I thought, “Yup! This about sums it up!”

Image result for texas weather meme

Fall is my favorite season of the year, but it also turns out to be the shortest…considering that I live in good ole’ Texas! What gets me seriously excited is the clothing possibilities. But sadly, by the end of the day, I feel as though I’ve made a horrible mistake in my outfit choice, because I am sweating by lunch time! #heatoninthemorningacintheafternoon

Image result for texas weather meme

Another Fall favorite of mine, is watching my Favorite Dude out on the field! I remember when this boy of mine was just a tiny little thing. It’s so hard to believe that he will be 16 next week! He’s is getting on up there, and I am staying still. (Forever 35 ;0))


What are some of your favorite things about Fall? Football? Cozy Clothing? Fire Pits & S’mores? I am sure there are a lot of you out there that are going to say something about Pumpkin Spiced Latte, or ALL things spiced….LOL! I catch a lot of flack for not being a fan, but it’s all good. You do you!

I would love to hear from you.

Until next time, Friends…



1 John 3:1 1 See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him.

Amazon Priming….

Hey, Ya’ll!

Who out there agrees that Amazon Prime is AH-Mazing? I mean, you just put in what you are looking for in the search bar, and you will have it like… tomorrow! What I truly love about all of this, is that in a now Push Button Society, when you literally do not have to leave your house for anything, Amazon gives me the ability to find whatever I am looking for without having to store hop to find some very particular items. It has got me SO rotten. Just in case you may just want to know, here are a few things that I have been Prime-ing lately.

URPOWER 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser Cool Mist Humidifier

My 2 guys have always struggled with sinus issues, and about 6 months ago, I decided to see what I could do to help them. I purchased one for Damon, and it really seemed to help, so, when Donovan got kicked up a little bit ago, I decided to get him one as well.

Hicarer 2 Pieces Hanging Jewelry Organizer Jewelry Hanging Bag Dress Shape Jewelry Organizer Bag for Earrings Necklaces Bracelets Hanging, 30 Pockets and 14 Hooks

Hicarer 2 Pieces Hanging Jewelry Organizer Jewelry

I had one of these from quite a little while back, that alas, kicked the bucket on me. (Plastic wore out) I went on a search, and found a twofer that I couldn’t pass up. Especially since I have a little diva that loves her some jewelry, to share with.

Little Muggle New Born Infant Boy Girl Milestone Photo Blanket Daily Monthly Yearly Photo Shoot Backdrop Props

Little Muggle Newborn Infant Boy Milestone Photo Blanket

This… is…. the…. CUTE-EST thing! As some of you may know, I have a little nephew due around New Years, and his Mama is a serious Potter head. I Primed this to her for one of her birthday gifts. #auntieiswaitingforherlittlemuggle

TIOSEBON Women's Walking Shoes Lightweight Breathable Yoga Travel Sneakers 11 US Navy

TIOSEBON Women’s Lightweight Walking Shoes

The last thing that I want to share are my super comfortable mesh sneaks. I have seen these many times shared by a couple of bloggers that I follow, and I am very pleased with my purchase. They have tons of colors, and I am seriously thinking of getting another pair.

Well, that is all for now. I’m sure I’ll will be back with more posts like these, as Amazon is a daily visit for me.