So there’s this girl… who calls me Mama….and I loves me some HER! Our little Kori is one of the sweetest kids you will ever meet. She is always willing to help, is a friend to the friendless, loves the Lord, and works her hardest to try and keep her little sister out of trouble. … Continue reading Kori….


Good Morning, Friends! A few years back, my good friend Yolanda sent me a book, by mail mind you, that was titled, Nobody’s Cuter Than You, by Melanie Shankle. I looked it over, and tried to figure out what this book could possibly be about by just reading the title. Knowing Yo like I do, … Continue reading Friendships

ALWAYS In Motion

Hello Friends! I just wanted to take a minute to let you in on a little bit about me. I mentioned before that I was a wife and mother of 4, but did I mention that I have ALWAYS got something going on? I was just sitting here thinking to myself, “Dang! There is never … Continue reading ALWAYS In Motion